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3 ways Health Monitor will impact the health sector

Do you know about Health Monitor? It’s an innovative device, based on a Russian IP, that facilitates disease diagnostics. We have several articles on Medium where you can learn more. When I joined the Health Monitor project I was looking for an amazing project to invest in. I immediately found the right match — a technology which could impact human lives and have huge financial implications.

I’ll talk about financial opportunities in the coming weeks (even if I anticipated some in a previous article) since I want to focus now on the disruptive potential of our device.

Why do I love Health Monitor? I’ll try and explain it below, even if the word “I” is very limiting. In the last few months, we have collected more than $500k from worldwide investors, and keep receiving enquires from American, EU, and Asian entrepreneurs interested in utilizing Health Monitor technology locally.


The Health Monitor technology analyses human breath and gives a response in a minute (or even less). No blood, no long queues at medical centres, and no invasive techniques. Our device can now check 3 different diseases: diabetes, lung cancer and stomach ulcers, but new ones are planned for 2018.

In a very fast-paced world, people tend to postpone their visits to medical centres. We are now offering a very practical tool to help most common diseases’ diagnostics. You will find our machines in most crowded places, and you’ll only need few seconds to receive a result. We want to think big: we want people to be healthier and we’re promoting strong health prevention .

As a disclaimer, currently, we are not a medically certified device (we will be but takes two years) but our tests are highly accurate.

Low cost

The Health Monitor machine required years of research in the Russian laboratory of the University of Novosibirsk. By the way, thanks to special agreements with the IP owner, we can use this use the research findings at a very reasonable cost. Let’s see how we are commercializing it and the impact on test prices. Today, Health monitor technology is available in three different formats:

a) A ready-made vending machine: you can buy this device and place it in crowded places, charging people $5 per test. The machine should be constantly connected to the internet to let us check the electronic system and perform updates (the ability to check for new gases will only require a software update, for example). Also, we automatically send the customer an email with the test results. This can be very appealing, since customers can keep track of past results and access them via our dedicated app.

b) A small gas analyser device: in this case, you buy the heart of our technology and you are then free to assemble a proper vending machine based on your scope. This solution suits the needs of larger investors who can assemble their own device (of course, you will need some technological capabilities to assemble a final working product) or for personal uses.

c) You can take a single health test at one of our devices which will be soon placed in Russia, the Czech Republic and, in general, the EU. A single screen will cost around 5$: this price is unbeatable compared to typical screenings, and you can place it in a hospital or medical centre. In my humble opinion, prices could even go lower due to the economy of scale and further reduction of spare parts costs. This aspect could really impact low-income countries where people can’t afford health prevention check-ups. Thanks to health monitor, the number of people who can check their health could rise exponentially.

As you can see, we provide our game-changing technology in different ways at a cost level quite unthinkable until a few years ago. Just get in touch if you want to know more about option 1) and 2) since, at the moment, we are now highly discounting our price list.

Unlimited use cases

Our research centre in Novosibirsk is made up of 5 people, including Dr. Atutov, the IP owner. Recently, we signed 2 scientists with a strong background in the military research to improve our capabilities and to provide further technological solutions. We have set our targets high: in 2018 we plan to screen a further 8 gases, including radon and hydrogen peroxide. Why radon? Well, do you know that this gas kills more than 2,500 per year in the United States? And that’s the part I didn’t mention so far: our technology can be easily used to test environmental pollution or toxic gases in the air. We are not only working on human health; we are moving our attention to the environment’s “health” too. Pollution and terrorist attacks are really impacting our health nowadays, and we want to support people in their daily efforts to preserve their health.

Furthermore, we are working on reducing the device’s size so we can offer competitive prices for personal uses. In a few years, a Health Monitor small machine could be stored in your home close to a thermometer and a blood pressure tester (of course, not a glucometer, since we are going to replace it!).

As you can see, there are several reasons to appreciate (I would use the word “love”, but I’m too biased) our technology. Be patient, and in a few months, you will hear much more about us.

PS: we are now sending 10 machines for free to people interested in the technology who are willing to support our marketing efforts. If you want to learn more, just contact me.



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