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7 reasons to buy Health Monitor tokens

Health Monitor token analysis

Some months ago, I went through an interesting article on token evaluation. The article was written by Michael Karnjanaprakorn, and you can read it at this link. I think it can be useful to apply the same framework to analyse Health Monitor token (HLC).

Disclosure: I joined this project months ago, because I believed in the product potential. I did my own due diligence on the product features (I’m not a typical health investor, but I liked the idea of actively participating in an ICO) and on the financial projections.

Professional investors rarely pick projects from many different sectors. They specialize in some fields (max 2) and invest around them. The reason is obvious: trying to put money in industries you know to lower the risk. Investors’ theses generally go deeper in defining in what to invest in: new/old economy, geography, innovation path etc.

So, which investment’s thesis does Health Monitor fit? Simply put,

medical device sector

a crypto-asset investment

dividends-based model

targeting a large audience in EU with huge potential lateral growth (health sector in primis)

The above elements set out many investors but give a clear picture of our target investors. After our pre-sale (sold 70 000$), we saw only a few micro investors, and this was predicted: investing a few dollars and waiting 1 year to get dividends doesn’t make much sense.

2. Token Network Effects: Does the token align incentives to accelerate growth and token value, simultaneously?

You can learn more about this topic in the following article, since I want to limit to Health Monitor, here.

Health Monitor tokens give the right to get dividends paid in ETH (starting from Jan 19). The token economics is simple:

a) Limited pre-sale (at 20% discount)

b) No whales (we didn’t deal with any big investors)

c) Limited bounty distribution (1%)

d) Team will get no tokens

e) All tokens will be released during ICO

f) Token will be added to (at least) one exchange

Based on this, we are sure the token’s value won’t lower. Investors know they will receive no payment before Jan ’19, so unless there are unexpected reasons, they are not motivated to sell their assets before this term. If their project will execute correctly, first dividends should also help to re-evaluate the value.

Our token has no real use case in the project. This could change, especially if we grow fast: thinking to use tokens to pay for machine tests or other connected services could effectively help the currency circulation. However, this is not planned at the moment, since focus is on other project elements.

I’ll write a further article focusing more on dividends.

3. Team & Leadership: Is there a strong team that can scale an open source network?

Our blockchain was built by experienced Russian developers, who participated in several other projects. In terms of crypto-technology, our project is not complicated, and we can answer any question related to security and infrastructure.

About other team roles, our CEO is an experienced entrepreneur, with executions in several sectors, we also have a doctor to help with medical aspects. For the machine, we are supported by the Novosibirsk University, and we have an open channel with the patent author, doctor Atutov.

4. Technology & Developer Ecosystem: Does open-source code exist with supporting developer adoption?

This aspect isn’t relevant to this project

5. Transparency & Trust: How transparent is the team with the community?

This is an aspect I’m proud of. The whole team spent hours in bitcointalk, Telegram and recently in Reddit to answer questions focusing on the machine results’ reliability and company strategy. Introducing a machine testing people’s health is always risky, but we are sure we can convince people of the machine’s potential.

6. Traction & Roadmap: Has the team proved the ability to execute?

The project road map is well-documented: after the ICO, and based on the amount raised, we will produce the machines and place them in locations we have identified.

We plan to distribute dividends starting Jan 18, since the return of investment is expected to be relevant from the beginning (fixed costs are limited, and variables are a small % of test costs).

7. Terms & Legal: What are the terms of the ICO?

Our tokens are released by Teplo-Export S.R.O., a company registered in the Czech Republic. During ICO, you can buy tokens with Eth or BTC, and automatically, we send the corresponding number of tokens (At the current exchange rate). Dividends will be paid directly to the tokens holders’ address (it must be a ERC20 compliant standard address, not an exchange address).

If the ICO is unsuccessful (min cap is set at 500 000$), we will refund participants.

In the previous section, I tried to review Health Monitor token’s main features in accordance with typical investors’ questions. One thing I didn’t clearly mention is that we have a working product which we showcased on Dec. 7th at the Blockchain and Bitcoin conference in Malta (we have extensively talked about it here). Differently from other ICO projects, we are not raising capital to build a product, but instead, to distribute and market it.

To conclude, I see this investment as perfect option for experienced investors looking for a solid ROI in the meantime. Waiting 1 year for dividends is a relatively short period when investing in real business. Probably, the crypto-world has been promising much higher and faster returns, but only a few projects delivered it.

If you want to learn more about this token, you can join us at:

You can also contact me directly.



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