Introducing HealthOS

I am one of the co-founders of TrueMD — an online pharmacy based out of central India. Here at TrueMD, we have always strived to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. In that same pursuit, today we launch HealthOS.

HealthOS is an open platform that allows creators & innovators to build healthcare applications.

The platform provides developers to an unprecedented access t0 6 different datasets that can be used to create apps ranging from EHR, e- Prescription, medicine reminders to wellness apps like fitness tracker or food-calories tracker.

  1. Medicines & Generics API
    HealthOS allows you to access a dataset of over 100,000 medicines having data like side effects, popular usage, diet consideration, precaution along with information like mrp, packsize & schedule updated on a realtime basis.
  2. Food & Calories API
    Add robust nutrition tracking to any app. Over 600,000 food items along with their detailed nutrition information like calories, carbs, fats, cholesterol & sugar etc. , from across the world.
  3. Exercises & Activities API
    Information about more that 6000 various physical fitness activities with data on how much calories they burn.
  4. Lab Tests API
    All lab tests with information like “what are the taken for?” or “How should the sample be collected — empty stomach or after food?”. We even provide reference values for these tests.
  5. Diseases API
    Various diseases and their information.
  6. Chat API
    How cool would it be if your users can just chat with your app like, “I ate 1 burger & 2 cokes” — and your app automatically logs the calories taken? Chat API does exactly that. It allows you to build conversational systems to log calorie intake data. It works for medicines & exercises too.

All of this on one platform —

For all of the above datasets, HealthOS have an“autocomplete” API that helps you to search data “as-you-type”. Worried about spelling mistakes or typos? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

We’d soon be launching a feature that will allow developers to record their user’s health information on HealthOS. Think of it as Mixpanel for Healthcare apps.

For developers — we have our APIs accessible via REST and 12+ client sdks (Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Android , iOS , Windows and many more).You can view REST API documentation here.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free account over here, and get 500 API call per day for Free. Forever.

Have any questions/ suggestions? Reach out to me at

P.S: If you’re a NGO or any other non- profit agency working for a social cause, drop me an email. I’ll arrange a forever free, unlimited usage account for you.

Aayush Jain