Swap Recipes For Clients By Blogging With Intention

Why blogging is the key to get nutrition clients

We love recipes as much as the next team.

After all, there’s no denying the value of fresh inspiration when adding sage is the only thing you can think of to help power you through another week of scrambled eggs.

But does publishing recipes on your blog add up to clients for your health coaching business? Unless you’re Jamie Oliver or Ella Woodward, the answer is most likely a resounding ’no’. Wellness marketing is somewhat more complex than that.

Why are you blogging anyway?

As we so often advocate, it’s best to draw on Simon Sinek’s wisdom and ‘Start with Why’.

Which means that asking yourself why you’re incorporating blogging into your wellness marketing at all is the crucial first step.

Did you start your blog because:

  • You heard it was something you ‘needed to do’
  • The guy who did your website built you a blog page & you figured you should probably put something there
  • You’ve read up on SEO and realise that Google loves sites with blogs
  • You have a ton of ideas & simply want to share them with the world

Whichever applies to you, it’s an undeniable truth that if your blogging is unfocused or lacks a clear intention, not even that fabulous pomegranate salad recipe will rescue your health coaching business from online obscurity.

Start blogging with intention with these 3 simple questions:

  1. Why am I blogging?
  2. Who will benefit most from my blog posts?
  3. How will my posts help solve a problem for my readers?

With regular, targeted blog posts you have the power to attract & start helping the people you’ve dedicated your life to serving.

Ready to start blogging with intention but have no idea where to start?

Wellness marketing doesn’t have to be hard and, as always, Healthpreneur’s got your back.

Hence we’d love you to join us in our Healthpreneurs in Online Business group for the upcoming 5-day Healthpreneur ‘Come Blog With Us’ Challenge.

We’ve created the Challenge with a single goal: To put you on the right path to a blog that builds your business & gets you clients.

Meet the team behind the keyboards:

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James Longley

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Sveta Kornienko

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Originally published at Healthpreneur.