Going beyond green eggs and ham

As Easter Sunday approaches, children (and those that still feel young at heart) will be scouring neighborhoods and parks to find hidden gems in the form of egg shells.

While many of these treasures come encapsulated in plastic shells, there are benefits for going the extra mile and using real eggshells. Not only does this add another layer of delicacy to your egg hunt, but it can make for an engaging weekend art project for the whole family –– plus it’s edible.

Okay, so the egg shells aren’t edible but first, we’ll start with the arts and crafts and then we’ll dig into the details of the egg-stravagant noms.

What You’ll Need

A dozen eggs (or more –– go nuts!)
One bowl
One needle (sewing needle recommended)
Paint (try water color!)
Paint brushes

What You’ll Do

The first thing you’ll want to do is poke two holes in each egg, one at the bottom and one at the top. You want to do this because to hollow out the egg, you need to blow out the yolks and whites into your bowl.

Go ahead and start blowing until all of your eggs are hollowed out. Keep the bowl filled with the edible part of the eggs! You’ll use them later. :)

Set the bowl aside and open up your paint. Paint each egg shell to your liking and be sure to get creative! Place the eggs back into the carton to dry them or set them on a plate. Try to avoid any carpet.

Clean up any mess that’s left (it’s just the polite thing to do) and then, once the shells are dry, hide the eggs or place them into a basket with some grass.

Voila! You now have Easter plans with the family.

Snack Time

If you were a Dr. Seuss fan (or still are), you might remember the classic tale of Green Eggs and Ham. Normally, you should be wary of eggs and ham that have taken on a green shade, but if it’s just due to a bit of food coloring, it’s absolutely no problem! Eggs are a healthy snack, so once you hollow out all of your eggshells, be sure to get creative with the whites and yolks left in your bowl!

“The whites of eggs are all protein, and perfectly healthy. The yolk is made of cholesterol and other protein. Generally this cholesterol does not convert to the ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body, and i don’t believe there is evidence of significant health risks if eggs are eaten in moderation” — Dr. Peter Kurzweil

Add some food coloring and we dare you to go beyond just the classic green eggs and ham. Try out the full rainbow and get artistic with your plating! It’s an easy way to have a colorful snack and power up before the hunt.

Have a good one!

Author: Maya Gilliss-Chapman

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