HealthTap AppRx Awards for the Top Health & Medical Apps of 2014


What It Is:

With over 100,000 mobile health apps on the market, discovering the best ones used to be a daunting (if not impossible) task. Now, thanks to HealthTap’s AppRx, you have a trusted way to find the best health and wellness apps, independently rated and recommended by top U.S. doctors. No need to scour the web for reviews for individual apps from different sources. Now you have one place to go to find the best and most useful iOS and Android health and wellness apps.

This year, we’re excited to announce the first ever HealthTap AppRx Awards. Celebrating the best mobile apps for health and wellness, the HealthTap AppRx Award recognizes the health and medical apps most recommended by HealthTap’s network of 65,000+ top U.S. doctors.

How It Works:

Eligibility & Rules:

  • Entry is automatic. All apps classified as “Health & Wellness Apps” in the Apple App and Google Play Stores are qualified to enter the competition.
  • Apps are further classified by HealthTap into one (1) of 30 categories (developers can select additional categories as appropriate).
  • Apps can be entered for multiple award categories, and apps may win multiple awards. There are no fees to enter apps for consideration.
  • HealthTap will recognize finalists from the top ranking apps in each category based on the total number of doctor reviews and recommendations. Prior “Doctor Recommendations” are included in the final tally.
  • Doctors on HealthTap review apps by searching for them by name, or by selecting apps from a random review queue visible within their HealthTap account.
  • User votes on the HealthTap app listings page increase the frequency and visibility of apps in doctor review queues, improving their chances of getting reviewed.
  • Users can vote for their favorites on HealthTap between 12/01/14 and 12/31/14. There are no fees to vote.

Promoting your App:


Here are just a few ways to promote your app on HealthTap:

Criteria for Reviews:

  • HealthTap doctors review the apps based on three criteria:
  • The medical soundness of the app
  • The app’s utility in supporting health or healthy living goals
  • The app’s usability.
  • There are no negative reviews. Apps that do not pass the doctor’s standards simply do not get reviewed.

Selection of Winners:

  • The top 100 apps overall and the top 10 apps in each of the 30 categories that garner the most doctor recommendations will be declared winners.
  • HealthTap reserves the right to disregard votes it deems, in its sole discretion, to be suspect or invalid (such as user votes submitted by bots or other computer-generated voting applications). There are no fees to vote.
  • Final award winners will be announced on January 14, 2015 and included in HealthTap’s AppRx Annual Report: Top Health & Medical Apps of 2014, published in an exclusive press release and distributed widely to top business and tech publications nationwide.


  • All apps classified as “Health & Wellness Apps” and “Medical” in the Apple App and Google Play Stores were qualified for review. Apps were further classified by doctors into 30 health categories. Developers had an opportunity to suggest additional categories in which to list their apps.
  • All 65,000+ doctors in HealthTap’ Medical Expert Network can review apps from within their HealthTap accounts. Additionally, to ensure the larger medical community had an opportunity to provide input for this report, HealthTap invited an additional 500,000 U.S. doctors to recommend apps (after doctor verification by HealthTap).
  • To ensure a wide array of apps were reviewed, doctors were presented with a random queue of apps to consider for recommendation. Doctors could also search for apps by name, or review apps by health category, allowing them to select specific apps or to review apps in their area of specialty.
  • To ensure related apps were considered at the time recommendations are made, similar apps were automatically presented to the doctors alongside the app being reviewed. Apps could be downloaded directly from a link accompanying the app at the time of review, to ensure current versions were available to doctors.
  • User input was taken into account by allowing users to increase the frequency and visibility of apps in doctor review queues by voting for apps they wanted to appear more often to doctors for consideration (user votes were not counted for app recommendations or rankings).
  • Each doctor can only recommend a particular app one time, meaning that the total number of recommendations received for each app reflects the total number of different doctors recommending the app. While doctors did not “vote down” apps, apps that were frequently reviewed by doctors for potential recommendation, but that were not recommended, were deemed not to meet the doctors standards of recommendation. Apps frequently reviewed and recommended by doctors are deemed to met doctor recommendation standards.
  • HealthTap recognized apps in the Annual Top Health and Medical App Report based on the total number of doctor reviews and recommendations. Votes were merged for different versions of the same apps (free and paid).

Next Steps:

In preparation for the competition:

Good luck!

- The HealthTap Team

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