The DIY Beauty Treatment That Actually Works

You’ve read all about the latest DIY beauty treatments that may or may not work. They sound great on paper but sometimes the ingredients are impossible to find, or incredibly expensive. Even when you are able to get every single ingredient, it turns out the treatment doesn’t even work!

However, after numerous trials, we’ve discovered three ingredients that are cheap, easy to find, and effective:

Egg (yolk)
Olive Oil

Yep, it’s that simple. What’s even more simple is making the beauty treatments themselves!

Hair treatment:

Mix one egg yolk with one table spoon of olive oil. Cover the ends of your hair with the treatment and leave in for an hour. Wash!

Do this once a week and you will have strong, shiny hair that won’t frizz in the winter moisture.

Skin treatment:

You can either use the left over hair treatment or mix another egg yolk with olive oil, but simply add oats to the mix for a great natural exfoliant. Gently rub this on your face and all over your body to reveal healthy, radiant skin. Wash it off and get your glow on!

Everyone is different, so for more personal beauty treatment tips, you should definitely talk to a doctor. However, if you have an egg, olive oil and some raw oats laying around, why not give this a go?

Author: Maya Gilliss-Chapman