This method of cooking will change everything

Just imagine coming home after a long day of work to a steak that cuts like butter. No need for heating up the grill or messy pots and pans, you can simply cut your meat and enjoy.

Now, what if we told you that you can do this all by just adding water…

This isn’t crazy talk. It’s just sous vide.

Sous vide is an up-and-coming method of cooking in which food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic pouch and then placed in a water bath for longer than normal cooking times. Think about it like the less-messy and more delicious version of a the crock pot. The meat and/or veggies are cooked evenly with the inside properly cooked (without overcooking the outside), and the moisture of the item is retained.

It’s no secret that home-cooked meals are cheaper, healthier, and tastier than eating out, and with a sous vide, you actually have the time to cook at home! Simply put your ingredients in the bag, set the time and temperature and go to work… or go for a run… or do literally anything else. Consider your day freed up!

Want to give it a go? Try this healthy sous vide recipe and enjoy your new life on the sous vide side.

Sous Vide Flank Steak

What you’ll need:

72 oz flank/flap/bavette steak
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
Sous vide
Ziplock bag

What you’ll do:

Set sous vide to 131°F / 55°C.

Trim steak of any excess tough fat.

Place steak in large vacuum bag, or multiple gallon size Ziploc’s. You can cut steak in half if needed.

Cook for 7 hours.

Remove and season –– finish on the stove and sear for 60 seconds if desired.

Slice against the grain and serve.

Cuts. Like. Butter.

Author: Maya Gilliss-Chapman

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