Welcome to the Dark Side

Valentine’s Day has come and gone which means it’s the perfect time to shop for chocolate at discount. It’s absolutely incredible that your favorite tasty treat is now 50% off simply because it’s shaped like a heart, and hearts are SO not in season anymore––shamrocks, rejoice!

Before you indulge, take a minute to learn about which chocolate you should help yourself to and which you should avoid completely. Our doctors have all the advice you need, so read on!

Which Chocolate Is “Healthier”?

“It depends on the percentage of cacao. The higher the better, but stay at least above 70%. Also, try to avoid chocolates with more than 3–4 grams of added sugar per serving of at least one-third of the bar. Try to avoid too much saturated fat as well as any added chemicals. Chocolate can lower LDL cholesterol.” — Dr. Steven Charlap

Perfect! Now you can grab a square of dark chocolate without feeling super guilty. Just to be super sure, we had another doctor chime in with their opinion as well:

Second Opinion

“Dark chocolate has higher % of cacao , the bean from which chocolate is made. It’s less sweet, doesn’t have the milk of milk chocolate which has more fat and sugar, in general. Cacao has theobromine and phenylethylamine /pea which have CNS enhancing or stimulant effects, theobromine is like caffeine. Pea (“love chemical”) probably gets deactivated in the gut. Cacao has antioxidants , too.” — Dr. Alan Cohen

There you have it! If you truly can’t resist grabbing a bar of chocolate (because it really is such a great deal right now) then go for the darker variety. As with most things, chocolate is fine in moderation. If you’re feeling super ambitious, try melting down a few bars for some rich hot chocolate or fudge sauce! Welcome to the dark side ;-)

Author: Maya Gilliss-Chapman

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