Welcome to HealthTap UK

Our new London based company represents our commitment to serving high-quality care to everyone worldwide.

British doctors and patients can now access the world’s largest and most trusted library of doctor knowledge throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

Patients in the United Kingdom can get answers from our network of top doctors, now including U.K. licensed doctors in good standing with the General Medical Council.

Over the past few years, the number of British doctors who have expressed an interest in joining the HealthTap Medical Expert Network has been inspiring.

U.K.-licensed doctors are invited to apply and join the HealthTap Medical Expert network of more than 105,000 accredited top doctors in 141 specialties that includes more than 1,000 U.K.-licensed doctors that have already joined.

Together with top doctors and other U.K.-based partners, we are excited to bring faster, higher-quality, and compassionate care to British people.

To learn more, read our press release

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