Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies in Europe

Karen George
Nov 27, 2019 · 3 min read

According to WHO, the number of Europeans aged 85 years and older is projected to rise from 14 million to 19 million by 2020 and to 40 million by 2050. Ageing population poses a threat to the economy as it increases old-age dependency ratio as well as government spending on healthcare and pensions. With healthcare systems under increasing pressure due to staffing levels and financial constraints, AI can truly augment human activity, offering more accurate diagnosis quickly, and aiding decision-making in hospitals.

From hospital care to clinical research, drug development and insurance, AI applications are already revolutionizing how the health sector works to reduce spending and improve patient outcomes. The AI can be used as aug…Read More…

Few Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies in Europe:

A Netherlands-based medical devices company, Promaton offers AI-powered software solutions to aid professionals in the dental industry by automating part of their diagnostic operations. The company has two sets of advanced algorithms designed to automate image analysis and virtual treatment simulations. With its 2D algorithms the company enhances the accuracy of image analysis for dentists, reducing costs and saving time. Promaton’s 3D algorithms aid dentists in automating the complicated data processing, segmentation, and 3D modeling specification steps in the creation of a virtual treatment simulation system


  • Aidence

Aidence brings together the brightest AI and software developers, medical specialists and industry experts to apply AI for automated medical image analysis. The company is a VC-backed startup with the bold ambition to accompany its customers in the transformation of healthcare through cutting-edge deep learning technology. The team is driven by this purpose, with a keen eye on what adds value to their customers and the patients they care for. The human factors that shape Aidence are radiologists provide critical input and feedback, AI developers refine their solution, scientists independently validate the solution, and they are dedicated to improving patient care

  • Chronolife

Chronolife builds predictive medical solutions to aid in diagnosis through wireless, wearable technology. Chronlife also aims to bring a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry, where they improve quality of life, provide better care, and reduce costs. From 2015 Chronolife is bringing a new era in the field of diagnostics that accompanies doctors & clinicians in faster & more efficient decision making. The solutions offered by the company are Artificial Intelligence, Medical device, and Neuromorphic Engineering. The power of Artificial intelligence & Neuromorphic engineering is harnessed into a disruptive algorithm able to single out & characterize even sparse clinical events

Few more Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies in Europe

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