Welcome to the future of Digital Healthcare

Welcome to Health Wizz.

Health Wizz is proud to introduce an industry-changing Personal Health Record (PHR) System.

Why Health Wizz?

We know your pain: Getting access to your personal medical records is frustrating and time consuming. Getting copies of medical consultations, hospitalizations and operative reports requires contacting the facility, signing a release, paying exorbitant fees for each page of copy, only to have the material sent via fax or postal mail several days or even weeks later.

The Health Wizz PHR is not an Electronic Health Record (EHR) System like those used by doctors and hospitals. Those systems manage health records for thousands of individuals, and there is no incentive or rationale for these systems to cooperate with each other to share individual’s data. In short — there is no incentive for medical institutions to make it easier or more convenient for you to collect and manage your health records.

Our PHR is designed to enable you to easily access, aggregate and organize your medical history and health records, including your genome and data downloaded from your wearables.

You now can own and keep your health records with you at all times — at home, at work, on vacation, when travelling, or when changing doctors or medical providers. After all, you are in the best position to aggregate and organize your health records from different sources. Health Wizz gives you easy to use tools that allow you to take charge of your own health records.

How does it work?

The Health Wizz app for smart phones employs cutting edge healthcare and security standards, along with intuitive interfaces, so you can access, download and organize your health records in a way that is easy to understand and use. The Health Wizz PHR keeps a complete picture of your digital quantified self in one place, with you. Instead of having to sort through a collection of different files, you will be able to collect and securely store all your health records, as well as those of your family.

Health Wizz app for smart phones

The Health Wizz wallet stores and keeps track of PHR in the form of digital assets that can be referenced for medical care, or shared or traded for purposes of medical research in the rapidly growing health data marketplace. Since these digital assets have value in the health market place where numerous companies are already getting rich from selling your records without you even knowing it, sharing them should come with remuneration.

Don’t want others to get rich from selling your heath data? Do you want to reclaim what is rightfully yours? The key is to use a digital Health Wizz token called OmCoin. You can earn OmCoins through participation in health-related challenges and games with friends and family members, co-workers and peers, and members of your social networks, as well as by sharing your digital assets in the health data marketplace.


How To Participate in The Ecosystem: Digital Token Pre-sale


To give the power back to you, the patient/consumer and to support the further development of the platform and the virtual health data marketplace, Health Wizz recently announced the pre-sale of a right to receive its digital token, OmCoin, when the tokens are distributed. The pre-sale will run November 30, 2017 until February 2018.

Join Us

At Health Wizz, we believe that we own our own health records and that we should have complete control over our health information. Our mantra is “It is your body, your health data.”

We believe we should be able to share our health records, including our personal health data, clinical data and our genome, with whomever we choose and for whatever reason, whether it is to help design personalized medicine, to advance medical research, or for our own monetary benefit.

For more information or to join the Health Wizz OmCoin community please visit us at www.healthwizz.io or www.healthwizz.com