Dieting 101

As I have been doing more research on gluten-free diets, I am becoming more curious as to whether these diets are in fact necessary for most people to do or if they are more of a healthy dietary lifestyle decision. Studies have shown the weight-loss effects that a gluten-free diet can have for a person, so it would not be a surprise if most people in the United States who follow this diet are not doing it for complete health reasons. Many media articles suggest this with articles titled as “Taste For Gluten-Free Diets is Driven by Fashion, not Health” or “Gluten Wars: Skepticism Over Self-Diagnosis and the Illness We Can’t Explain”. People all around the United States and even the world are becoming consumed with this lifestyle change. It seems as if it became a “hot topic” over night with no real reason as to why and when it began.

Even celebrities are recommending this lifestyle as a way to lose weight and take care of the body. Kourtney Kardashian announced that she lost 45 pounds after her pregnancy by following this strict gluten-free as well as paleo diet. Paleo, another very popular diet plan, is based off of the foods eaten by early humans. These foods include meats, fish, vegetables, and fruit only. Foods that are avoided are dairy, grains, and processed food products. Blake Lively followed a diet plan excluding all gluten and soy products in order to lose all of her post pregnancy weight. And the media states that Kate Upton also follows the gluten-free and paleo diet.

When researching gluten-free diets and seeing all of these media results pertaining to celebrities and their decision to be gluten-free, it is not surprising to me that so many people have become gluten free. The media is constantly enforcing the idea of a gluten-free lifestyle and showing pictures of women with the “perfect body”. If a woman thinks that she can have the curves of Kate Upton or the legs of Blake Lively, then of course many will try to follow their exact diet by pure choice.

It is interesting to see, however, that many of the diets these celebrities are doing are also paired with another intense diet (usually being paleo). That brings questions to my mind as to whether the gluten-free diet by itself is “enough” for weight-loss that people desire. As more people are becoming aware of gluten-free and as more products and restaurants are becoming aware of this trend, I would not be surprised if more people choose it for personal weight-loss reasons. It is not as much of a burden anymore due to the multitude of available options that restaurants and stores have to offer for gluten-free diets.

So, as I continue my research into this diet trend, I am still questioning why so many people are in fact gluten-free. People suffering from Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity obviously must live in this way, but people without this sensitivity are now choosing this lifestyle.

It seems like a huge lifestyle change to make just for weight-loss reasons, but hey, I mean if becoming gluten-free makes you look like Miranda Kerr then maybe everyone should try it.

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