Diets, Diets, and More Diets

Eat lean meats. Don’t eat cheese. Kale is life. Carbs are bad.

Living in the United States of America, we are constantly told what to do and how to live in order to be “healthy”. We are told to eat more vegetables than fruits, to skip breads and pastas, and to stick to meats such as chicken and fish rather than beef. We are told to eat spinach and kale rather than iceberg lettuce and told that almond butter is a much better alternative than peanut butter. Rather than reaching for a tub of ice cream, we are told to grab a handful of nuts or a small amount of dark chocolate to cure a craving. The internet and media is filled with tips on what to eat when you are craving something deemed as unhealthy as well as recipes for healthy meals. The health benefits of todays super foods are countless, however new research comes out daily which introduces new rules for us to follow. Some of the super foods include acai berries, kale, salmon, and oats. Websites and magazines are filled with articles stating that they have found the best way to “Lose 10 pounds” or to “Find your bikini body”. It seems as if a new diet is discovered weekly that helps us to incorporate more of some foods and less of many others. From the Atkin’s diet to the paleo diet, the amount of diets and fads found in the United States alone is countless. Even becoming gluten-free has become a trend that people who are not allergic to gluten have been picking up.

From one day being told that olive oil is good for you to being told the next day to instead use coconut or avocado oil because those are actually the only healthy ones, we live in a society where health has truly taken over. Television shows now revolve around healthy lifestyles whether it be shows about obesity or programs such as Dr. Oz that stress the importance of eating right and living right. Magazines, books, movies, and tabloids all revolve around the concept of health in recent years. Whether it be diet plans such as Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, people of all ages and genders are striving to find a way to define themselves as healthy. What are all of these different diets and what makes them different from each other? Why do people decide to take such extreme measures and how do they continue to live a healthy lifestyle even after their diets end? And most importantly do these diets actually work to promote a much healthier individual?

I am going to focus on the many different diets and fads that seem to consume the minds and media of people living in the United States. I am going to explore the diets such as Atkin’s and paleo and am going to delve into the health benefits of many different super foods recommended. I am going to mostly focus on a gluten-free diet to see where the health benefits lie for people who are not actually allergic or sensitive to gluten. Does a gluten-free diet truly lead to weight loss? If you would like to delve deeper into the popular fads at the moment and to truly learn the different health trends being recommended today, my blog is the place you will want to be.

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