Gluten-Free Fad?

Diets and fads consume the minds of individuals living in the United States. Commercials, billboards, and advertisements are constantly seen by individuals, leaving the slogans and images ingrained in their brains. New research is constantly being done to perfect diet plans and to find new ones with even better and quicker results. Lately, it has become quite common for individuals to take on a gluten-free diet, although they may not actually be diagnosed with Celiac disease or even gluten-sensitivity. The question remains as to where the health benefits for this type of diet truly lay.

Although many celebrities encourage the partaking in this diet due to their extreme weight-loss results, recent research is suggesting that the gluten-free diet may not be as beneficial in weight loss as people have been hoping. In individuals who are not diagnosed with Celiac disease or labeled as gluten-sensitive, there seems to be no weight loss that actually occurs. In fact, recent studies have concluded that it is likely for individuals with these diagnoses to actually gain weight. Because gluten-free products are known to be high in calorie and sugar, the measurement and diet plan that must be followed to control this weight gain must be closely monitored. And most of the times, it is usually not. Although the effects of weight-loss are still being studied in individuals who are not Celiac or gluten-sensitive, these recent studies are suggesting that the results would likely be the same.

So, the question now comes to why do people become gluten-free only for weight-loss reasons? If the research is out there and the weight-loss results are inconclusive, then why are so many people making such a dramatic lifestyle change? When researching gluten-free diets online, the main topic of articles include headings such as “Eat More Gluten: The Diet Fad Must Die”, “Gluten-Free is BS” and “Gluten-Free Diet Driven by Fashion, Not Medical Need”. These headlines themselves highlight the relevance of this trend that has become popular. They also allow individuals to see a different side of the gluten-free diet than the side celebrities only portray. One study points out that when 1,500 Americans were questioned why they became gluten-free, they provided an answer that they were unsure and many followed it because celebrities endorsed it.

Studies are continuously proving the fact that a gluten-free diet has no health benefits for an individual not diagnosed with Celiac or gluten-sensitivity. Gluten is an important part of the dietary needs for many individuals, so the abrupt removal of this nutrient without reason is damaging to the body and frequently results in weight gain. Studies are even proclaiming that eliminating gluten may contribute to more nutritional problems within the body and could eventually create the occurrence of actual Celiac disease.

As this diet continues to become popular, it is important that more research studies be done to prove the negative health effects that could arise from becoming gluten-free for no reason other than weight loss. Although the research is still limited, as time progresses and even more people try this lifestyle, it is important for more research to be done so that many people will not experience these negative health effects that seem to be occurring It is also time that people stop listening only to what celebrities say and do, but instead they should look up the facts and take control of their own needs before making such a big change.

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