Vegan Paradise

If you’re in Los Angeles, and you’re not vegan, you’re missing out. Los Angeles is so vegan friendly, it’s stupid. Anything you can eat, I can eat vegan. I will accept any challenge. Looking for pizza? Go to Two Boots Pizzeria downtown and get two vegan slices with a root beer on the side. Cheese burger? Check out one of the many Veggie Grill locations and order the vegan cheeseburger with fries. What about eggs benedict? Yup, they’ve made it vegan at Plant Food Wine in Venice! So, I’m going to to talk about my top 5 favorite vegan restaurants in Los Angeles, what to order, and who to go with.

  1. Au Lac (Downtown LA) $$

Au Lac is a vegan vietnamese restaurant. Located in a strip mall, you’ll walk inside and suddenly feel like you’re in a five star hotel.

Meal to go for: Dinner

Who With: Best Friend

What to Order: the cheesy noodles, the norrito, the salt and pepper yam shrimp, the golden ramen, and the kombucha cocktail (if you’re 21 of course, or if you have a fake ID of course)

2. By Chloe (Silverlake Whole Foods) $

By Chloe, whose first location took New York by storm a few years ago, just opened a location here in Los Angeles and it’s delicious, convenient, with fast service and an adorable aesthetic.

Meal To Go For: Brunch

Who With: a group of buddies

What To Order: Tofu scramble, quinoa hash browns, mac and cheese, kale caesar salad, and a coconut to sip on.

3. Erven (Santa Monica) $$$

Erven just opened near the 3rd street promenade and it was recently named one of the top 20 best restaurants in September 2016’s Eater LA. It’s sexy as hell.

Meal To Go For: Late Dinner

Who With: Parents and friends

What To Order: The beer battered tofu sandwich, the black garlic chickpea fritter, the cavatelli pasta, the romaine salad with dill tofu ranch dressing, the savory doughnuts and one (…or two) bottles of the Peter Paul pinot noir.

4. Gracias Madre (Beverly Hills) $$$

This gorgeous mexican restaurant in Beverly Hills is quite possibly the most beautiful spot in Los Angeles. It’s indoor/outdoor restaurant area is always flooded with celebrities looking for incredible food and not to mention, it’s cocktail program is award winning.

Meal To Go For: Brunch or Dinner

Who With: Girls night out

What To Order: Chips and guac, taquitos, flash fried cauliflower with nacho cheese, the masa cakes, the butternut squash quesadilla, and the “Dude Abides” cocktail (a vegan white russian).

5. Mohawk Bend (Silverlake) $$

This restaurant is wonderful because it doesn’t market itself as a vegan restaurant because it’s not, but everything on the menu is vegan except for a few items marked NV for “not vegan.” It’s open late and full of hipsters.

Meal To Go For: Late night eats

Who With: a group of friends after having a few beers

What To Order: the buffalo cauliflower, the mac n cheese (only available on the late night menu), the garlic knots, the Baked Potato Pizza (one of my favorite items I’ve ever eaten), the nachos, and a hard cider on tap.

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