How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday in Style

It’s that time of year again — time to plan your dog’s birthday bash. His special day probably means more to you than it does him, but nonetheless, he’s your baby and you want to make sure his day is full of fun. But where do you begin? Let’s look at dog birthday party ideas to help you throw a doggie birthday party that’ll be the talk of the block.

Who’ll Come?

First things first. Decide who to invite. Does your dog have some pals from the dog park that he enjoys playing with? Invite them! Do you have special people in your life that your dog enjoys being around? Include them too. Buy or make invites, just like for “real” children (hey, who says your dog isn’t your real child, anyway?) and send them out in plenty of time for RSVPs.

What’ll You Eat?

Maybe the most important question is “What will the furry kids at the party eat?” The star of the show should be a dog birthday cake that’s specially designed with your pooch’s favorite flavors in mind; carob and peanut are tongue wagging favorites. If your dog is sensitive to grains, be mindful when ordering — some bakeries make grain-free options. Frozen treats are also nice if the weather is hot. Think about frozen berries or make your own pupsicles with beef or chicken broth and water. Don’t forget to have a few trays of appetizers and a cake for human attendees.

What About Games?

A bone-shaped piñata filled with treats or toys is a good option for adding a little spice to your dog birthday party plans, although pet parents will have to help a bit with smashing it open. You can also create a ball pit with your dog’s favorite types of balls; this one is sure to keep furry loves happy and active for a while. Be sure to buy some fun hats or outfits for a few photo ops between fur buddies — you’ll want to brag on Instagram later about how much fun your baby had, right?

How About Party Favors?

Make sure everyone leaves the party with something special, especially the four-footed friends that attend. A cellophane doggie treat bag filled with a few gourmet dog treats is a nice gesture. Throw in a doggy toy or some other simple dog-related item to round out the treat bag and leave your guests tails’ wagging all the way home.

However you choose to make your fur baby’s big day momentous is totally up to you, so be as creative or as low-key as you’d like. Whether you choose to shower him with piles of gifts and tons of guests or go for a smaller affair, it’s all about celebrating his presence in your life and providing him the TLC he deserves on his big day.