10 Best Exercises for Strong Muscles and Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard that lifting heavy weights for a low number of reps builds muscle, while lifting lighter weights more times tones them. But that isn’t the case. People commonly use the term muscle tone to describe how firm or tight a muscle looks. Your muscle has the same tone whether you are in shape or not or if there is fat covering it or not. Its tone does not change with exercise. The appearance of the muscle is determined by the amount of fat covering it and the elasticity of the skin. Lifting light weights for high reps will not tone your muscle. There is no inherent difference between using heavy weight and light weight. The difference is a matter of degree and is relative to the lifter’s ability to lift the weight.

1. Jumping Rope

This is a workout that is usually done in the childhood days in school. This is an excellent workout for weight loss because jumping increases blood circulation and the body gets stretched more. The muscles from head to food gets stretched so excess amount of fat will be burnt quickly. Just 100 jumps a day for normal jumping would be more helpful and moreover 100 rope jumping would be most effective. This will increase the heart rate and keeps the metabolism boosted for the entire day. It is an easy workout that increases the rate of metabolism for effective weight loss.

Remaining Exercises

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