25 Best Vitamins and Nutrition Food for Weight Loss

For anyone trying to control their weight, sticking to a long-term lifestyle change can be hard at times. We may all wish for a “magic pill” that will solve our problems without the diet, exercise, and vegetables. I hate to report there is no such pill out there yet (or else Oprah would have it). The good news is that there are some vitamins and nutrients that can help ensure you are on the path to weight control success, and may play important role in helping you achieve an ideal weight.

1. Fish Oil for Weight Control

Fish Oil (also called omega 3s) has gotten a lot of press lately because of its many benefits. Omega 3 fish oil may contribute to healthy weight management, by helping to promote the metabolism of dietary fat and cholesterol, while also aiding the immune system and protecting nerve and brain cells from oxidative stress and damage.* Fish oil may also assist in joint mobility and flexibility, enhancing exercise performance, endurance and recovery, which may ultimately help us to reach our weight management goals.

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