The One Thing You Really Do Need
James Altucher

Thanks you James for the anecdotes about your curiosity. I was curious to see if I could add anything to this conversation, so here goes!

In addition to the advantages you mention above, curiosity often leads us to problems we haven’t solved in a fairly logical progression. Understanding the context of a problem (the facts, the scenario, the potentially multiple viewpoints) allows one to approach it sensibly. It would be hard to engage in a debate about how to encourage competition in educational environments, for instance, without having taken a curiosity into education’s impact on a child’s learning, development, and college or career readiness. If I’m not curious I might in a weak moment feel resigned to use someone else’s thinking as my own. Instead, we can and I dare say Should all stay hungry and curious, and in so doing equip ourselves to solve the problems in our daily lives, our work, and society. Cheers James