How can you Make use of Acupuncture for Weight Loss ?

All diets may work if you reduce your caloric intake and stick towards it. The weight of a person can be determined by the amount of energy which we take in and the amount of energy we release.

People are using drastic measures to lose the weight. A weight lose plan ask you to eat an unhealthy diet like cabbage soup or rice etc, but this fad diets surely work for the short span because of the low caloric intake.

Eating an unnatural, unhealthy and highly restrictive diet can cause many ups and down in body weight and can also cause malnutrition, slow metabolic rate, imbalances in the body and damage of organs.

acupuncture for weight loss

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Wouldn’t be great if we decrease the amount of food that we take in and increase the amount of energy we release? Of course yes! And it’s all possible through Acupuncture.

♥ With the help of Acupuncture we can lose our weight in both the (physiological and psychological) aspects.

♥ Acupuncture promotes better digestion, reduces appetite, and eliminates food cravings.

♥ Acupuncture has been shown an effect on the function of the digestive system, nervous system, food cravings and metabolism.

♥ Acupuncture can help to energize the body, reduce appetite, maximize the absorption of nutrients and control overeating

♥ Acupuncture points on the body should be chosen for well being with the objective of increasing circulation of the blood and calming the nervous system.

Many of the Acupuncture points that are important for weight loss treatment are as follows-:

  • MOUTH: calming points used for smoker, over eater and who talks a lot.
  • STOMACH: for those who eats even after they are full.
  • HUNGRY: for the control of appetite.
  • LUNG: for those who addicts the food and people who loves to eat sweets and chocolates.
  • KIDNEY: for nervous system, water retention and hormonal imbalances.
  • THYROID: for slow metabolism.
  • Endocrine — for water retention which is responsible for some of the weight gain
  • Spleen — for the imbalance of sugar and for the hormonal disturbances.

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For the acupuncture treatment you must first go for the consultation to discuss your problem of over eating and weight gaining and let the acupuncturist know your intake and if there are any digestive difficulties .The Practitioner or Acupuncturist chooses two or more of these points for each treatment according to the patient’s problem and their personality profile regarding overeating and will also provides some clues as to why the person was gaining weight. For the best results, these treatments should be combined with an appropriate physical exercise and a reduced calorie diet. So with the best use of acupuncture it helps a lot in losing your weight in the best way. This would also make you feel glad of your own choice to get the maximum benefits out of it. You need to make sure that you know how to make the best use of it in the perfect way that would not lead to any worry at all.

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