The Best Ways to Prevent Kajal from Smudging

The way you put your makeup makes a good amount of difference in the way you look. So, if you really want to look great then you must opt for iconic eyes. To give your eyes an altogether different look, you must concentrate well on the eye makeup. But if you have oily eye lid then you may end up smudging the eyes. Just think how badly the iconic eyes would get transformed into the eyes with smudged look and dark circles. So, here, in this article we would give you an idea about how to prevent Kajal from smudging.

The Best Ways to Prevent Kajal from Smudging

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Prevent the Eye Make up from Smudging

It is really quite embarrassing when your eye make up would just get smudged. It would look quite untidy. Thus, here are some of the important things you need to do before you apply the makeup.

♥ Wash the face and eye lids properly before applying the makeup. If your eyes are teary or if there is sweat or oil over the lid then that would just go off with a wash. So, make sure that you wash your face gently with a good quality face wash. This will help you get rid of extra oils over the eye lid too.

♥ You should be having a good eye makeup primer or eye shadow primer. If you do, then you must apply that first. If you don’t then you must better get one first. Just like the primer is important part of makeup, even eye primer is vital.

♥ While choosing the eye makeup products you must buy the oil free makeup items. Opt for those that are water based. This will ensure least or no smudging. This includes the kajal too.

♥ If at all you can see a few smudges over the eyes then keep at hand the good quality eye makeup remover. Yes, you get such products in the market. Just keep your eyes and ears open and you will find a number of products. If there is bit of smudge then the mall amount of remover would help you out.

♥ You can even keep some ear buds at hand. They would be easy and handy when there is a bit of smudge due to kajal. So, make sure that you be ready with all the items that would be important for getting your makeup done in the right way including the eye makeup.

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Now, with the above ideas, we are sure that you will be in the position to give your eyes perfect makeup justice. We would often give an excuse that we may have messed up with the eye makeup due to lack of proper guidance. But now we are sure that with the above discussion you are in the position to keep your eyes perfect in looks and the eye makeup quite appealing! So, what are you waiting for? Just try the above ideas and give your eyes a perfect boost of good looks and beauty.

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