The Real Relation between Hypertension and Hair Loss

Hypertension means high blood pressure. Due to stress and fast life hypertension has become a comrade for many people. But in reality, it is the foe that can create many other health related complications and specifically for the heart. Many people have a question in mind. Does hypertension cause hair loss? Well, the real culprit is the medication that is used for controlling high blood pressure. That’s the real cause of hair loss. But again, this does not hold true for all the medications for hypertension. For example, Minoxidil which is a medication for high blood pressure also works towards treatment of hair loss or alopecia. But yes, a few medications do create issues for hair.

hypertension for hair loss

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Hypertension Medications Hamper the Cycle of Hair Growth

Before you come to any sort of conclusion, make sure that you know how the growth cycle of hair work. Well, here’s how it works. The hair span of life goes through 3 phases. The first one is anagen, second is catagen and the third one is telogen. In the anagen stage the hair grows into a strand and then remains as hair on the scalp. 85 percent of the lifecycle of the hair is anagen phase. In the catagen phase the hair follicles rest and in the third telogen phase the strand is pushed out of epidermis. With the blood pressure medications there can be interruption in the growth cycle of the hair and this might lead to the telogen phase itself which is the major reason for hair loss.

What to do when there is Excessive Hair Loss?

In case of excessive hair loss due to hypertension medication, you should discuss the problem with your doctor and try to change the medication. You should stop it for getting rid of hair loss. The hair loss would be reversible once such a medication is stopped but with doctors’ advice. It is important to note that one medication causing hair loss in one person might not work in the same way on the other person. The effect of medication on one person and his sensitivity towards hypertension medication can be different than the other person.

Also, in spite of your request if the doctor doesn’t budge to change the medication for hypertension then you should continue it. Don’t take your own steps or terminate the medication. This is because the side effect caused due to medication is much less than the side effect for not taking the medication. It means that, if you don’t take the medication then you might suffer a heart attack and it would be better to face some hair loss than a heart attack.

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If at all you wish to get free from medications for hypertension then you should get into diet and lifestyle modifications. This will help you and take you towards good health. Adding lots of green veggies and fresh fruits to your daily diet can give you freedom from hair loss too and it can also benefit you in the health condition over all.

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