What you need to Eat when you have Cold

Cold and flu are such common relatives that they make an entry anytime. They never knock or give you a warning. They bring along headaches, stuffy nose and lot of cough too. It really matters a lot as to what you need to eat when you have a common cold. Yes. Eating really matters and it helps you in soothing the health condition that you have. Certain nutrients really help you in making your immune system stronger and that’s why they really benefit you during the cold. A good immunity helps you get a quick recovery. Here are some of the important points that relate to what you should eat during a common cold.

remedies for cold and flu

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Foods to eat to soothe cold and make immunity stronger:

strawberries for cold and flu

Have strawberries:

When you have cold you should enhance your intake of vitamin C rich foods. Strawberry is very rich in vitamin C. You should have a bowl full of strawberry and that will really give you good defense mechanism to fight the viral infections like cold.

green tea for cold

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Drink green tea:

During cold and flu you should start drinking green tea daily. This will enrich your body with antioxidants and you will get a good immunity to fight from the problems and symptoms that cold and cough would create for you.

lemon and honey for cold

Start warm water with lemon and honey:

Since lemon is rich in vitamin C it will help you in fighting off with cold. Also, warm water and honey, both work towards soothing your throat. You can take this twice a day. It will really benefit you a lot.

coconut water for cold

Coconut water:

Coconut water is rich in many rare nutrients and thus the electrolytes that gets lost during cold and fever can be replenished back to the body.

ginger tea for cold

Ginger tea:

You can add ginger to the tea. It helps in reducing inflammation and gives relief in the symptoms of cold.

broccoli and bell pepper for cold

Have broccoli and bell peppers:

Both broccoli and bell peppers are very good for getting rid of cold and the symptoms related to the same. These veggies are highly rich in vitamin C and thus they will help you in getting fine soon. You can add both these vegetables to hummus as hummus is made out of chic pea which is rich in protein too. Together, all these ingredients will act as fighter for such health issues.

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cauliflower soup for cold

Have cauliflower soup:

You should steam cauliflower in water and then crush it. Add some tomato puree to same and then make it rich in taste. Cauliflower helps in enhancing the immune system due to the rich compounds that it has. This can give you freedom from flu and the symptoms related to the same.

It is really good that there are so many natural remedies available these days and you can really use them to get the best results for your health. Try the above remedies and see how amazingly you can get rid of the cold and flu symptoms. Cold is a viral infection and thus rather than popping anti-biotic you should work towards making the immunity stronger.