It ain’t the whole enchilada, but it is a whole lot of burrito for $5!

Who doesn’t like cheap food? Well cheap doesn’t have to be nasty, you just need to take advantage when there’s a deal on good food.

Enter Guzman y Gomez…

On a normal day, you can get your hands on some solid, fresh Mexican food at GYG (the closest thing to Chipotle here in Australia). This Friday, 5th of May, is Cinco de Mayo — a celebration of Latin culture where you get the same food for only $5!

For $5 for a burrito or bowl, it’s pretty easy to go YOLO and smash as many as you can stomach (the max you’re allowed to get per person is 2 btw), but you can and should make the smart food choice regardless of price.

Read on for Healthy Hustle advice on the smart option to make this Cinco de Mayo.

Seriously, how tempting is this burrito…

Mild Grilled Chicken Guerrero: Burrito vs Bowl

The chicken option is a pretty common choice, so let’s look at the breakdown…

Guzman y Gomez — Mild Grilled Chicken Guerrero: Burrito vs Bowl

Mild Grilled Chicken Guerrero Burrito
789 calories
P: 48.5g / F: 28.5G / C: 79.6G

Mild Grilled Chicken Guerrero Bowl
654 calories
P: 43.4g / F: 24.7G / C: 60.2G

As you can see, the bowl here is the much better option — 135 less calories, 3.8 less grams of fat and 19.4 less grams of carbs… I know I’d rather keep those spare for my hit of Halo Top dessert later in the night.

Healthy Hustle Saving Note:
Try this combo for an even better option — even less calories and carbs and still tastes amazing!
Mild Grilled Chicken Guerrero Bowl with brown rice and guac, no cheese or corn chips
625 calories
P: 37.1g / F: 25.9G / C: 56.1G
Yes there’s slightly less protein and slightly more fat, but you’re still hitting the recommended protein intake for a meal and there is actually 3.7 grams less of saturated fat than the regular bowl. Plus taste 💯

Click and zoom in on the Nutritional Information graphic for full nutritional breakdown.

Guzman y Gomez — Burrito & Burrito Bowl Nutritional Information

That’s a ‘lada laps around the block:
Although absolutely delicious, don’t bother with the enchilada unless you’re planning on burning through 1120 calories: P: 57.6G / F: 51.3G / C: 101G 😱
Guzman y Gomez — Mild Grilled Chicken Guerrero Enchilada