Healthy Hustle Lifehack: Halo Top + Mayver’s Peanut Butter = Life

Not long after discovering Halo Top ice-cream in Australia a few months ago, life got a bit hectic.

The Halo wave hit, and people started talking and looking for it from different local stockists. Then the Woolworths announcement was made by Halo Top and shit really hit the fan when all of a sudden the supplies dried up. Everyone is still asking “Where is Halo?” and “When will Woolies restock Halo?!” while I was still wondering if my local Woolworths would stock it at all (still not on the Australian Halo Top stockists list — ba, humbug!).

FLAVOURS!! Pic: @halotopcreamery

For now, Halo Top ice-cream is back available at local Australian independent retailers, a relief for all the Halo Addicts out there. The problem is that our selection in Australia is minute compared to the USA where it is made. We have only 6 flavours (not in all stores mind you), while they’re packing 17!!! Seeing the multitude of flavours we are missing out on gave me just another thing to add to the USA trip TO DO list.

Halo Top blew my mind with it’s low calorie, low sugar, high protein magic ice-cream, that thankfully still tastes like real ice-cream as opposed to some other imposter that was all ice, no ‘cream’ and actually costs more than Halo. Not to mention the bizarre lack of peanut butter in its “Peanut Butter Chocolate” flavour. Yes FroPro, I’m talking about you — you were a complete disappointment and tasted like a watered down icy milkshake.

Back to the matter at hand — enter our Halo Top lifehack…

Halo Top + Mayvers Peanut Butter = Life

Until I get my hands on that Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup flavour, it’s Halo Top Chocolate + Mayver’s Peanut Butter (smooth or crunchy, dark roast preferred) all the way.

Ratio is approximately 1 Halo Top serve : 1 tsp / 10 grams of Mayver’s

BTW. You can try other peanut butters out there, but Mayver’s is as good as it gets in Australia, for both flavour and ingredients (it’s 99.3% roasted peanuts and salt… that’s it). This lifehack has been tried and tested with Halo Top Vanilla which was also a success.

Healthy Hustle Saving Note:
Keep an eye out at your local Australian Woolworths & Coles grocery stores for discounted Mayver’s Peanut Butter — often available for purchase at 1/2 price.

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