7 startup events you should be a part of

Trust me, In real these events are grander

Wisdom acquired from Startup events form cornerstones in the start-up culture. Startup events, conferences, summits and expos are your kickstarts. The endless opportunities they come with are your magic wands. These offline-network-build-up gatherings are key paths to grow your business. Your efforts in such an environment produce fruit in manifolds. A hall experiencing tons in the blink of an eye brings valuable exposure to the attendees. Being vigilant is proportional to getting benefits.

Have I praised them enough? Does this look like some marketing campaign? Well, I’m not selling any product but this blog ;) and such programs, ethically deserve it!


some theoretical info

Start-up events are like a complete package. With all kinds of professions belonging to entrepreneurial ecosystem involved. Attended by founders, employees, managers, marketers, investors, consultants, and entrepreneurs, such events have expert advice in the air. All are here to learn from other’s experience to network, to understand, to plan their next steps.

Different people have different agendas. Founders try to pitch their new business ideas and identify lead generation. Investors hunt for opportunities, marketers learn hacks and analyze competitors. Business consultants share their teaching.

If you’re a future participant, you know Time is money. You would want to invest time somewhere worthwhile. Well, that’s why you’re here, so without babbling more let me introduce the list to you.


Collision Conf taking away all our attention

This year Collision from Home attracted 32,000 meeters in June, more than a 30,000 list from 2019. Getting called “The Olympics of tech” by Politico. Collision kept the mark by emerging as one of the fastest-growing, tech conferences. In 2020 speakers like Justin Trudeau and Parag Agrawal lit up Toronto’s stage, their 8th year.

With 140+ countries, 1000+ startups and 800+ investors they hold something for everyone. Covering a wide range of topics from data science to environmental sustainability. It’s an exciting meet of provocative ideas, brilliance, and investment dollars.

Collision believes in the power of unity as they say. “Although times may be uncertain, one thing remains true. There’s a simple power in people coming together”

Collision 2021 is will take place in June from 21st-24th, Toronto Canada


Viva tech giving conference goals

Viva Technology at Paris got obliged to have 124,000 participants in 2019. It included 9000 startups and 125 countries. Speakers like Mark Zuckerberg, Margrethe Vestager and Satya Nadella hosted on their stages. Europe’s biggest startup and tech event Viva was preparing big for its 2020 5th edition. But it got cancelled due to covid-19 crises. They planned on helping UNESCO to celebrate it’s splendid 5 years. Participation of 13,000 startups was also on the list. Yeah, that’s huge! No saddies tho, on June 11th they confirmed about their amazing return in 2021 from June 17 to 19. It will be a celebration of today’s innovations and tomorrow’s possibilities.

Viva Technology is the biggest gateway in Europe for innovation actors worldwide. Cause “This is where business meets innovation”


The Startup Grind Team this is awesome

Startup Grind the global conference entertained 10,000 attendees in 2020 February. It’s another successful global added to the club with all the glamour to hold. It’s 10th year of the world’s largest community of startups, founders, innovators, and creators. Startup grind chapters and local events bring like-minded yet diverse individuals together. It’s a great chance to connect, learn and build better. Inviting speakers like Lorraine Twohill, Clayton Christensen & Marc Andreessen. They saw 303 startup pitches, 96 countries and 186 investor meets.

It was lit at Silicon Valley this year too, thanks to their team values:

“ We believe in making friends, not contacts.”

“ We believe in giving, not taking. “

“ We believe in helping others before helping yourself.”

We expect Startup Grind 2021 to be grander as they promise “ A virtual experience built your way. Coming February 2021”


Slush is wow wow wow

Slush 2019 organized on November 21–22 attracted 25,000 attendees. 3,500 startups and 2,000 investors included. 200 speakers, like Michael Moritz, John Collison enlightened minds last year. Grown from Helsinki Slush is all about celebrating entrepreneurship. It’s not only a conference but a movement too. It is the world’s leading startup and technology event. Turned 12 this year, facilitating a unique platform for change-makers under one roof. Allowing founders, tech talents to meet top-notch international investors, executives and media.

Slush 2020 dropped for obvious reasons but they’ll be back in 2021 November with full force. Their team is working and is not discouraged cause “Nothing Normal Ever Changed The World. But a community of world-conquering entrepreneurs just might.”


hella good going Web Summit

Web Summit is all set to bring a blast this December. They hope to gather 100,000+ attendees online, at their host city Lisbon. Expectations are high cause we’ve heard pretty good about them. Forbes called it “ the best technology conference on the planet .” Along with Inc labelling it as “The world’s largest technology conference.” Web Summit will shine with 25000 startups, 1250 investors and 800 speakers in this 11th year. They have excited the air already by releasing the list of first 250 speakers. Chris Evans, Eric Yunan, Dr Jane Goodall are among them.

Some words from this incredible team. “ Web Summit brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry.”

MONEY 20/20

Money20/20 killing it

Money 20/20 draws 11,500+ attendees, including 3500 companies and 100 countries. It is a bunch of three conferences taking place each at Asia, Europe and the US every year. With such a broad reach it is the world’s leading, premium content, sales and networking platform. It’s the lead recognised giant in global money ecosystem. This event founded in 2011 has been a symbol of smarts and ambition in its industry. For 2020 Money 20/20 won’t be on grounds but MoneyFest will make sure all highlights reach us. The launched MoneyFest as the biggest conversation with 100+ of money’s great heads. This live broadcast is open to all and free to register! This event has always brought finance and technology and business together.

Team of Money20/20 keeps the future in focus. They say “ We galvanise the global money ecosystem to connect, learn and do business — at speed. “


Yeah, iDay being lit

India Internet Day or iDay completed its 8th edition this year in August. iDay 2020 shifted online. It was successful with 4000 delegates, 100 Exhibitors and 202 speakers. Abhinav Kukreja, Arianna Huffington, Nooraine Fazal and others took up on stages. This conference brought Global Case Studies and Best Practices to help work in times of COVID 19. It allowed concept buildup with real stories. Such concepts will help re-imagine and manage business post covid crises.

iDay 2020 organised with the idea “Re-imagine and Rise.”


You Know It All Now

Hope this listicle was of some value to you. Now it’s your turn to add value to your business. Reading about events might make 1% of your future visit (not even that maybe). Because the benefits are infinite.

It’s never too soon, or too late, to sign up for any such meet, cause they all are annual events.

If you’re new and look for fruitful insight don’t mess your head with big events to start. Start with joining recognized local, regional events, conference and communities. Earn some experience and credit then shoot for the big ones. And then fast-track your business for a booming year ahead.

If you’re someone studying such thing to organize better let me give a piece of free advice “ Your website matters the most.” The reason I say so is your virtual presence makes 70% of your impression to visitors.

And if you’re here exploring I wish you had a good read.




Heapstead Solutions, a solution-oriented company based out of Delhi NCR, was incepted in 2013 in the hostel rooms of the founders. Over the years Founders focused on building websites in multiple industries ranging from eCommerce to Fashion while building a strong expertise.

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