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The Day The Earth Stood Still ♫

When I got Covid, I made music

My music studio

When the world first went into lockdown, I took the opportunity to get back to what I love best writing, and music.

In this song “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, I describe the feelings of most people who have been placed in quarantine, March 19th, 2020. The title of the song was inspired by the 1951 Sci Fi movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” My Russian friend “Elena” also contributed to the song, by reading some genuine Russian poetry that set the mood for the song. But listen closely to the opening dialog, as the music takes you to the quiet of the forest, where humans will no longer roam.

Please Enjoy

The Lyrics

Verse 1
19th date of the 3rd month upon 2020 years of constant fear
I can hear voices telling me that society needs a hero to set them free from self slavery
Greed, religion, and vanity played a major key
As Satan Disease split up many families
Mankind drifted further away more daughters went astray
While mothers turned sons into man bun ladies
Now I’m locked up in a room like The Shining going crazy
Cause our president keeps telling me to wait another week
As patrons are so desperate to eat they now stealing red meat
And there are no more sweets
Full of rage like a Pilgram active shooter on Thanksgiving day
I peep out the window sheets to see police patrolling my streets
The homeless can’t eat because the city is now permanently sleep
Verse 2
Religions want to come to me and say I will be saved if I kneel down and pray
Meanwhile, their doors stayed locked to the streetwalkers starving down the block
While still asking you to put money in the box
I want to say shut the ef up! Back the ef up!
I can see what’s really up, your shell is broken up!
This is all a setup, to shut us all up
While the country changes up so we cannot wake up and rise up

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