7 things you need to know before going to VRX

Dec 5, 2017 · 6 min read

In the heart of downtown San Francisco, VR-pioneers, CEOs, and senior decision makers will gather together from December 7th — 8th to discuss the mind-warping, future-bending impact virtual reality will have across the gaming, film, enterprise, healthcare, broadcasting, marketing, and education industries. Hosted by VR Intelligence, the 2017 VRX Conference & Expo will feature speakers from Intel to Unreal Engine, offering an exciting atmosphere for networking, collaborating, and learning. A one-of-a-kind conference, this event should be enjoyed to it’s fullest, and we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know as you prepare for VRX.

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1. The conference is divided into two tracks

Courtesy of VR Intelligence

VRX packs a wealth of exploratory content into just two action-packed days. Day One will focus on immersive tech markets, consumer-adoption, and enterprise solutions for VR, while Day Two will be divided into two tracks: (1) VR for games and interactive entertainment and (2) VR for enterprise applications and brand marketing. To someone invested in both tracks, you may need to do some picking and choosing. Here are a few we’re excited about.

  • Day 1: Forget the headset! The key to truly immersive interactive experiences is in the real world
  • Day 2, Track 1: Beyond the lens — the importance of audio and haptics in developing true immersion
  • Check out Hear360 at Booth 3 in the exhibition hall for an audio demo!
  • Day 2, Track 2: Applying VR/AR for use in Enterprise

2. There are a lot of heavy-hitters attending

Courtesy of VR Intelligence

At the intersection of business professionals and cultural influencers, this year’s conference boasts an incredible roster of speakers. Here are just a few of the big names worth paying attention to as you begin to plan your agenda:

  • Yelena Rachitsky, Executive Producer of Experiences, Oculus
  • Rikard Steiber, President Viveport and SVP Virtual Reality, HTC
  • Marc Petit, General Manager, Unreal Enterprise
  • Ted Schilowitz, Futurist, 20th Century Fox
  • Maureen Fan, CEO, Baobab Studios
  • Chaki Ng, Head of Viacom NEXT, Viacom
  • Tony Parisi, Global Head of VR/AR, Unity Technologies
  • Vicki Ferguson, Programming Team Lead, Virtual Reality, Ubisoft
  • Marcus Kühne , Strategy Lead, Immersive Techologies, AUDI
  • Patrick Dahms, Advanced Technical Artist (VR), BMW

3. The keynote will forecast VR markets

Courtesy of Statista

Virtual reality is a fluid, ever-changing technology market. No one knows this better than Keynote speaker Stephanie Llamas, Head of Immersive Technology Insights at SuperData Research, who will provide her data-driven insight on the state of VR markets. In fact, SuperData predicts that the VR market will be worth U.S. $28.3 B in 2020, 15 times what it was in 2016. Illustrating the diagnostics of the industry and providing VR stakeholders with strategic direction on positioning their specialty, Llamas’ talk is not-to-be-missed.

4. Enterprise will see more representation

Courtesy of VR Intelligence

While many conferences emphasize the creative aspects of VR, VRX will present market insights and forecasts from commercial brands, such as Ford, Walmart, Nestle, Vans, Audi, Honda and many more. Highlighting B2B integrations, these panels will combine real-world VR applications with industry-tested findings. If you’re attending the conference’s second day, visit the panel Applying VR/AR for use in Enterprise. Leading experts will comment on how VR, AR and MR are taking hold across a huge variety of industries. According to VRX, “the panel will explore how the new wave of immersive tech is providing viable cost saving and increased revenue in Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Retail, Apparel and other industry verticals, b looking at VR and AR opportunities throughout the product lifecycle, including use cases in product design, simulation, manufacturing, sales & marketing, retail, service and support and more.”

5. The networking opportunities are limitless

Courtesy VR Intelligence

One of the key benefits of VRX is the level of access to decision makers from all areas of the immersive tech. Few virtual reality conferences provide an environment with networking opportunities with senior executives across multiple VR industries. While the conference does promise lots of VR-learnings, it’d be an oversight not to mention the massive networking opportunities with major industry influencers.

VRX attendees by industry:

  • 37%: Content Creators
  • 22%: Enterprise / Consumer Brands
  • 20%: Immersive Tech Software & Hardware
  • 11%: Analysts, Press, Investors

VRX attendees by position:

  • 23%: C-level
  • 45%: VP/Director
  • 18%: Manager
  • 14%: Other

6. There will be exciting demos and exhibits

Courtesy of AR/VR Magazine

VRX will showcase not only the latest advancements in VR technology, but also solutions which will alter the way we work, play, and live. Attendees seeing Oculus’ name on the VRX bill may be wondering whether or not we’ll see the Oculus Go, a standalone VR headset, slated for the public early 2018. VR-leaders Unreal Engine will be revealing Datasmith, a workflow toolbox to simplify the process of moving data into UE for architectural and design visualizations. Alita Systems will be debuting their enterprise-solution for video-conferencing, Panacast. And Optitrack, the world’s largest motion-capture provider, will be live-demoing their 3D tracking system.

7. Location. Location. Location.

Courtesy of yerbabuenagardens.com

Want to take a break from all the conference activity? The Yerba Buena Gardens are only a short walk away from the Marriott Marquis Hotel, and offer landscaped lawns, public art, cafes, waterfalls, and terraced gardens. If you’re looking to entertain after the event, there are plenty of great restaurants in the area — you’ll be in San Francisco, after all. Located right next door to the Marriott, BlueStem Brassiere offers a modern atmosphere, perfect for a networking lunch or happy-hour cocktails. Later in the evening, a short taxi-ride can whisk you away to the famous Ferry Building, teeming with upscale restaurants like SF-favorite Waterbar and Vietnamese-infused Slanted Door.

Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram if you’re attending, and we’d love to connect at Booth 3 to talk about the future of audio in VR. No matter what you choose to do during VRX, enjoy the foggy air, bustling city, and insightful conversations. We wish you safe travels and productive sessions.


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