Heard Lately

Haiku of contrition:

Brandon Santini
And Jeff Jensen. Together.
Lived up to my dreams.

Artist: Tennessee Redemption
Album: Tennessee Redemption
Release date: September 2019

Cover of Tennessee Redemption album.
Cover of Tennessee Redemption album.

The deal. Albums can break your heart. Even ones you haven’t heard yet. Sometimes you want so much from a new release — you’re just so excited — that it’s tough for the artist to deliver on the expectations. I didn’t stop to consider this before I listened to Tennessee Redemption’s self-titled debut. Tennessee Redemption is harmonica-ist/singer Brandon Santini and Americana stalwart guitarist Jeff Jensen. I’m a huge Santini fan so I was psyched to see him working with Jensen. …


Heard Lately

Rather than giving up on reviewing albums that are a little…

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