3 Fake Truths We Still Believe

What makes you feel good is not always right.

Tser Dennis
Heart Affairs
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3 min readJun 19, 2024


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Life presents us with countless decisions.

  • Should I accept the date invite or not?
  • Will I forego this important event for this?
  • Must I go home or stay up late with this person tonight?

Our choices shape our lives later and include what we allow into our lives.

That is a fact.

When things go awry, it’s tempting to blame those around us.

However, while we can’t control everything, we are responsible for our actions and reactions to life’s circumstances at the end of the day.

Before fully committing to someone, you must reflect deeply because onboarding somebody in your life can be life-changing.

Step back and examine your past relationships for recurring patterns.

While no relationship is perfect, repeated mistakes warrant weighty introspection to prevent future heartache.

Misplaced Loyalty

Consider the story of Juana, a neighbor who became entangled in complicated relationships.

She was involved with a married man, which led to turmoil and eventual separation.



Tser Dennis
Heart Affairs

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