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vegan couple
Feb 5, 2015 · 5 min read

We decided to share our wedding party, because we want to show to people that is possible to make a different wedding, in terms of design and buffet

Me and my husband took care of all details of our wedding. We got married back in Brazil. The decoration we made ourselves and we thought about each single detail and made all decisions about the wedding together. The decision about the buffet was a bit difficult in the beginning, but afterwards he had a surprise: we found a lot of vegan buffets in our city, Belo Horizonte, and São Paulo too.

From the left to the right: the menu was hand written, one-by-one. The bottles were reused to compose the tables with flowers and leaves. Finally the flavored water with carom.

We want to tell a bit more about the whole process. First of all we decided the venue. In that time we was traveling, so we decided everything via internet. We found a lot of places, but we wanted a place with a patio, grass and which allows pets. Our dog must be at the celebration and party, enjoying the moment with us. We found the Casablanca Recepções and in that time we decided, it will be there.

Was difficult and hard to choose the buffet. We found a lot of companies that could prepare all the food. Each company had its particularity and all with great service and amazing menus. We chose to share the service with two buffets: Sóbria Mesa made the vegetable cheese, yam’s brazilian cheese bread, toasts, sweets and cake naked. And Kaluia buffet did the rest of the savory dishes and the main course. We were very happy with the result, the service quality and the food overall.

We created sketches for every aspect of the party. We also created written timeline as part of our planning.

Here is the menu we selected

Cheese tasting

  • Brazilian yam bread “cheese”
  • Mini toast with homemade blackberry jam
  • Mini toast with tofu ricotta
  • Mini toast with cashew nut cheese and herbs
  • Mini toast with Brazil nut cheese and pink peppercorn
  • Mini toast with macadamia cheese
  • Cashew nuts cheese with fine herbs
  • Brazil nuts cheese with pepper
  • Macadamia cheese
  • Tofu with red guava sweet
  • Crimson grape
  • Carom
  • Red guava
  • Cashew nut
  • Nuts
Mini-toasts with Brazil nut cheese and pink peppercorn

Finger Food

  • Mini “chicken” sandwich with olive
  • Mini-dried tomatoes and arugula sandwich, with cherry tomato
  • Stuffed potato with mushrooms
  • Stuffed potatoes with leeks
  • Stuffed beet snack with palm and black sesame
  • Tortillas with guacamole and pepper
  • Caprese stick with tofu, red pepper, tomato and basil
All signs were manually created and hand written


  • Salad
  • “Casquinha de siri” (fake crab)
  • Soy “escondidinho” with Brazil nuts

Main course

  • Palm heart “moqueca” with chives


  • Naked Cake with vanilla filling, red fruits and lemon
  • Red velvet cupcakes with marshmallow topping and strawberry filling
  • Cocoa cupcake with coffee, coffee marshmallow, ganache and almonds
  • Dark chocolate truffles with liquor topping
  • Oat cookies with chocolate chips
The cake table original sketch

Breakfast table

  • Coffee
  • Almond cookies


  • Flavored water
  • Homemade Ginger Ale
  • Backer tap beer
  • Grape caipirinha
  • Strawberry caipirinha
  • Coca-Cola

For the interior design our idea was to use food as ornaments. We made flavored water in different flavors such as strawberry with lime, cucumber with lemon grass, hibiscus with lemon, pear with cucumber, lemon with rosemary, among others. And we use the physalis fruit to decorate the cake table. We had a few flowers and leaves decorating it too.

You know those famous twine balls? I made about 40 of them who were scattered in the party rooms, we put flowers in some of them, and we hung others on the trees.

To drink we chose simple drinks. The result was tap beer and caipirinha which basically pleases everyone. We did not want to have soda, but as many people like it, we had some mini-bottles of coke. And the biggest attraction was the ginger ale, that the groom made by natural fermentation.

More details on the decoration. The sign says: Florianópolis, the city when we first met in Brazil. São Paulo were the bride was living and Belo Horizonte where the groom’s lived. Finally San Francisco, our final destination as a couple.

The party theme was focused in our lives, from the food, to the decor, the music, everything. The party had a retro feel and a lot of handwork. The party had a couple of vintage references. Our friends took part actively in the party. Our very talented friends from Fernanda Cruz photography took the pictures. As we are atheists the ceremony had no religious intent and our friends held the ceremony — Angel, Alex and Fred. We had other friends DJing — Amanda Redondo and Fred Fita. We had a juggling show with Téo Nicácio spheres, another friend. The makeup and hair were on the hands of the incredible Érica Abreu MakeUp and Matheus Rodrigues HairStyle.

We also had small gifts for our guests. We designed custom pins in hand lettering with quotes from books and music lyrics. We bought a cute bag, collected dried frowers from a friend’s backyard and put it all together in a bag along with the pins. Finally, we added some blossom orange essential oil.


A beautiful and fun party. An important detail, the dog carried the wedding bands and he had a lot of fun on the whole party, despite having vegan food (and he is a vegan dog) he did not eat anything, because he only eat kibble and fruits or vegetables :D

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heart made

a vegan food-obsessed person based in San Francisco who likes to travel and share her experiences 🇧🇷

vegan couple

Written by

heart made

a vegan food-obsessed person based in San Francisco who likes to travel and share her experiences 🇧🇷

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