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2021: The Year of the New You

How to Use 2020 to Serve Your Life for Good

We’re almost there, folks. The end of 2020. For many, I think the belief is out there that we can “leave this behind us,” but what will actually change in favor of our lives if ultimately we don’t do it ourselves?

We’ve been shown that the amount of change that can take place outside of us is infinite. From murder hornets to aliens- it seems like anything is truly available to manifest that the world will try to use against us and project fear into our lives. As you can see, real or not, the ability of the world to change rapidly is true.

This also means that the counter is true. If the world can change circumstances outside of your inner locus of control; then you can create favorable circumstances inside yourself. This is where we must look.

“The greatest gift you can give yourself this year is to go inside yourself and look at the canvas as the inner artist.”

The time for resolutions is behind us and instead we must demand a revolution within us. 2021 isn’t “just another year.” Let it be an awakening. Become conscious of your beliefs about how life should be, and see where you are held back. Ultimately, if we want something better, different, and new for ourselves; we have to shed these limiting beliefs that have held us unconsciously for years.

2020 has, in one way or another, shaken up your life. It has put you in a situation you’ve never thought you would be in. Good. This shows you that not only is a different circumstance possible- but it can happen without warning. Let this inspire you because imagine if you were the one creating those changes for yourself, in a way that was perfect for you.

Instead of writing down resolutions- write down results.

Instead of saying what you should start to do- talk about what you MUST do.

It is urgent and more important than ever that you begin to live in a way that is right for you. The more power you give up outside of yourself- ultimately the more you lose for yourself. Yes, even now- and even when more lockdowns come, you can be the sole creator of your happiness and drive your life in a way where you can fulfill what you seek.

The reality is- you will die. Momento Mori. Yet, remember you will live. In fact, you are right now. The breaths you take every passing moment confirm that you, right now, are indeed a creator. Take a look at the canvas of your life and what you’ve been painting.

Have you spilled brushstrokes of fear where you could have painted love? Did you let scarcity drip down and get into the main focus of your work where inspiration was supposed to bloom? With intention, focus, and will- we can change our canvas. It takes a single moment of decision to repaint our destiny.

Regardless of what you’re told is going to happen to you, your freedoms, your health, your family, etc. Right now- you are free. Consider and breathe into the thought. In this present moment, you are given the choice to do whatever you wish with it. The world wants to hand you more distractions, more news, more fear, more technology to pass time. I want you to wake up to an opportunity to change your life for the better as we approach a new year.

As you consider the fact your heart beats over 100,000 times a day without you having to ask it to; the wonders and amazement your body is capable of becomes far more entertaining than what anyone else has to offer outside of you.

It’s time to paint a different brush stroke.



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Documenting experiences after getting a second chance at life. Working through figuring out how to heal, discover, love, explore and live through my vocation.