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UPDATE REQUIRED: A New Operating System for Your Life

The Purpose of this Publication

My intention for this publication is that it leads to a collection of friends, colleagues, and like-minded people that turn into a tribe we create for ourselves. Micro niches are all over the world and although the idea of writing about “success” and “fulfillment” are very large brush strokes- there is a small group of people that I’m actually seeking out.

I’m finding people that are READY to change. After studying behavior design for years and also from countless self-experiments- I’m understanding there’s not much point to working with people who aren’t at their threshold of change. This means you need to WANT to be there. You need to be WILLING to commit and are simply seeking to be guided through to the other side. That’s where I come in.

A Self-Sustainable Life

This is the result I help my clients achieve. It is a north star in their lives and a reference point they can keep returning to as they explore and grow in their own unique circumstances.

You see, being self-sustainable is a state; a physiological way of being in which a person needs little or no help from others. This dives into all different facets of life; from finances to spirituality and from key relationships to business. It is a center of centers, if you will, such that you can essentially keep playing the game of life without having to shrink when life is about growth and expansion.

This doesn’t mean we don’t seek help, resources, etc. that’s going to assist you to get where you want to go; quite the opposite. Think of a self-sustainable home- it is completely able to thrive off of its own systems because of the help from the sun, or wind, or compost, for instance. It utilizes energy, systems, and ways of being to be able to operate- a self-sustainable person does the same. Additionally, just like the off-grid home is able to power itself on its own- we are able to power our own lives.

Why Change?

It’s a matter of creating a life you want for yourself. Consider it like this- if you’re reliant on other’s opinions, economic resources, etc. then technically without them, you fail. We see governments, banks, parents, and businesses fail every day. People relying on unemployment can’t get it because we’re running out of federal dollars, banks collapse under their own debt, parents lose their job and can’t support their child, and businesses declare bankruptcy and that means you lose your job as an employee.

Now, we will also fail in life. However, part of being self-sustainable is creating systems, habits, and mindsets that WHEN we fail; we’re able to take it without actually inhibiting a loss. Imagine that power? What if you had the ability to take risks while covering your downside? How much better would life be if you knew that no matter what happened, you had the ability to produce for yourself because you’ve built a foundation for yourself?

With self-sustainability comes the greatest enjoyment from life- success and fulfillment. This doesn’t mean fame and fortune for most people because when we get down to it- you don’t need it or want it! Success and fulfillment are the feelings we get when we’re being excellent in our behavior to get a result and are contributing back to the world. I want to teach students from all over to be able to craft a life for themselves, on their own terms, using the concept of becoming self-sustainable. Your greatest gifts will come from a solid foundation that becomes safe to explore in. You can work outside of your comfort zone while growing your life and giving back to others.


You can walk into this operating system with expectations. You should expect to be different on the other side of this. You should expect to work hard to increase your skills so that you can sustain yourself. You should expect your identity to change and with that your network, friends, and opportunity.

This is how the magic happens- you change your thoughts by changing your mindset. You change your mindset by creating habits that make you feel successful. You create habits by working backward from who you need to be. You find out who you need to be by self-exploration. Self-exploration leads to a gap between who you are and your new identity.

I want to shorten the gap. I want to be able to work with people who are ready to change and not only hone in on a new identity but facilitate the entire process by guiding you through change work. Technically; it all comes down to a single moment- a breakthrough. One second changes everything and that’s when we shift into our new self. It’s getting to the breakthrough where guidance helps tenfold.

Your life. Your way. On your own terms. Supported by yourself.

This is the goal of this publication. I’m going to use it as a means to deliver content from such that you can take bits and pieces to use at your own liking. Should you be looking for additional help- I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for to see yourself to the other side of your breakthrough.

Thanks for reading! This is our first featured article as apart of our publication. I’m super appreciative of you taking the time out of your day to read. Find me on Insta @Dak_Malone and let’s discuss more!! Email me at thedakotamalone@gmail.com for specific help/questions! :)



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