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Heart Revolution

Return, Oh Childhood

Feelings regarding the worry-free elements of childhood and a yearning for its return.

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

fairies, toys, dolls and magic
play was life and so ecstatic

castles, knights, queens, and kings
jumping, running, slides and swings

the sun was not hot, nor the winters cold
though young, I was courageous and bold

rain was never an excuse to be inside
puddles to splash and bike to ride

dirt and rocks- these were true treasures
stained clothes- price of these pleasures

seeking faces in the clouds, a family ritual
laughing without a reason was habitual

house of mud, paper boat and plane
kite on a string, that was hard to retain

magical place was a mothers arm
her prayers worked like a charm

shared at night were giggles and stories
of heavenly grace and God’s glories

the chapters open from those great times
the childhood lullaby, songs and rhymes

Things were simple and less was more
return oh childhood i yearn and implore



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