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Dying is compulsory

100-word Microfiction on making the most of life

Image by İ. A. from Pixabay

Little John was very worried.

He ran up to his wise grandpa and asked him , “Grandpa, is dying compulsory?”

Grandpa was surprised at this question coming from a kid.


But John wouldn’t take it. He said, “But grandpa, I don’t want to die.”

Grandpa, in all his wisdom said, “Child,
Birth and death are hardly in our hands.
But, while you’re alive there will be small moments in your life that make you feel immortal.
Those count as life. Cling on to them.
That’s important, and that’s enough.”

“Well said, Grandpa. I think this is one of them.”

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Tired of a normal life. Afraid of a different one. I’ve taken refuge in Poetry and dreams. Aspiring Aspirer.