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Forgiveness - A Journey

How to know if you have truly forgiven

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Unsplash

Forgiveness, an art which only a few can master
The ability to forget and move on with life faster

Many, like me, assume they have forgiven
But deep down inside are revenge driven

Some had apologized for their hurtful way
I too had said “ it’s ok” without any delay

Why then upon seeing who caused me pain
I fight a battle to suppress the hate I contain

Why can I not forget their pinching remarks
Taking me to a journey I wish not to embark

Why should I forgive when others carelessly hurt
Control, power and opinions they forcefully exert

I crave to answer, defend and treat them the same
But then who will halt this endless game?

Forgiveness is not a favor bestowed on others
It’s a proclivity for love- often exhibited by our mothers

Forgiveness is in fact a gift to my inner soul
Others don’t drive me, rather I am in control

Forgiveness is an act of self love and care
Hard to practice, but viable if only aware

But how do I know if I have truly forgiven?
Or am free from malice and emotional prison

The day I pray for only good to exist in their life
Those who are responsible for my inner strife

The day upon seeing them I bloom as a result
That is the day I forget and forgive the insult

Until that day arrives, I continue in my odyssey
Pray and ‘strive to be a forgiveness prodigy



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