From 3D-5D: Releasing the Drama is Getting Strangely Easy

Katrina Bos
Heart Revolution
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3 min readMar 14, 2024


We are evolving
To a much lighter consciousness
That some call 5D.

We will still physically live in the 3D world
But we will have no attachments
To the dramas that have controlled us
For generations.

There was a time when we thought
That to “ascend” to this new view in life
Would take a lot of work.

However, it’s becoming strangely easy
And relatively painless.
The veils have dropped
And reality is becoming more and more apparent.

The News which we once believed
To be journalism is so obviously fiction
That we can’t take any of it seriously.
Discussing what is said feels more like
Arguing about what is happening on a
Daytime soap opera
Only with worse writing and acting.

The religions that once guilted and shamed us
For our basic desires and joys in life
Are revealed for the control mechanisms that they are.
We no longer believe that God is…



Katrina Bos
Heart Revolution

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