How to Develop your Sense of Self

A guide to understanding who you are…

Rosa Diaz-Casal
Heart Revolution
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3 min readJun 18, 2024


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Are you clueless when someone asks you about yourself?

It’s easy to understand the people we know, but when we look in the mirror, it might not be so easy. We are blinded by what we think, and it gets in the way of understanding who we are.

Having a sense of self is not something that comes naturally to us. Most of us have to work hard to achieve it.

So, what is a sense of self?

It’s usually referred to as self-awareness or self-concept. It’s the awareness and understanding that an individual has about themselves. It’s our beliefs, values, emotions, memories, behaviors, and perceptions that contribute to our identities. It involves recognizing ourselves as distinct entities separate from others.

Developing our sense of self is an ongoing process involving self-awareness, self-reflection and personal growth.

Journaling, meditation and even therapy can help for self-reflection. We learn and unlearn throughout life, and we are constantly changing. This means that self-reflection is never ‘finished’. It helps us understand where we stand today.

It’s easy for us to notice our failures. Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by others who remind us of…