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My Lost Roses

Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash

13th February

A shudder in my brain
I am staring into the night
By the dull moonlit window
A weeping gloomy moon
Resonating the poet’s soul

Pressed against the walls
Baby, I am swimming in the dark
My mind is going blank
I am floating like a plank
Dry, lifeless, and withered
My spirit is drowning in sorrow

Yet another Valentine’s day
Blooming hope and dreams
My rose garden is dry and empty
I am crooning in pain
Like a solitary cuckoo bird left alone
I am sorry for not being the one
The one you always dreamt in your dreams

Let me dig a bit deeper into my chest
Let me pluck out my still-beating heart
Let you see it throbbing with love
Isn’t it more beautiful than a rose
For roses are born out of thorns
For roses smile even under the scorching sun
So do I, so does my love, O my Love

I am still warm and my heart is empty
If you still desire, make it your nest
I am hoping, real roses may bloom
Soon with the dawn when the sun comes up

My tears watering your dreams
My desires fluttering in my brain
Like a caged bird without wings
I am naked and bleeding
I have discarded my old being
My wayward days are gone

My soul is dripping fresh
Like the first rain in the summer
Pure, fresh, and full of pain.

And now, 14th February
Will you still be my Valentine?




Writing from your heart and sharing the unconditional, divine love that exists within waiting to be shown. We are ONE collective, ONE humanity, ONE love

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I am a LOOB — Lover Of Other Beings. I am also an aspiring poet. Poetry and Love for the other beings are deeply etched into my soul.

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