Heart Revolution
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Do you remember me?

I am Noelle

The Lord’s Birthday

Hanging on the tree

Innocence crucified

Bruised and bleeding

I paid the price

For your wickedness

I was all love and light

A little girl with big eyes

Loved to sing on winter nights

Collecting feathers and hearts

Hugging dogs on the streets

I was all innocence

To the world; less intelligent

You robbed my innocence

You abused my trust

You used me as your toy

To fulfill your wicked desires

Choking me to death and reviving me

You played the sadist games

High on meth, losing brain

You pumped poison into my veins

You forced me into the prison

To be groomed into an informer

And occasional pleasure toy for the cops

On the false promise of making me a cop

I am still collecting hearts and feathers

For they belong to the angels

And yes, I am still searching for my missing shoes

They may lead the truth to you

Maybe, you can breathe some light

And get out from the darkness.


This is for you Noelle.
And this is for you Bridget.
And for you too Biddie B.

With this poem, I am transforming myself from being a LOOB (Lover Of Other Beings) to a LOAB (Lover Of All Beings). Thank you Bridget for being the cause.

I see your pain as a mother. Your constant struggle waking up to the reality of losing your precious daughter. And I am amazed by your fighting spirit for justice.

I waited for Noelle to talk to me about completing this poem. She never spoke to me. I took the approval from Bridget to publish this. Maybe, Noelle is still in tears and lost trust in humans. But I know girl, you are an angel now, above all the vicious things happening on the earth, you are a powerful being up there spreading love and fragrance. You are collecting feathers and hearts as you always did. I am glad that your pain is over and I believe this poem will give voice to your pain. And I pray to the universe that this will bring justice to you, your mother, and your daughter.

You may read and support the cause for Noelle at

Hollie Petit, Ph.D.; Filza Chaudhry; Kira Dawn; Monoreena Acharjee Majumdar



Heart Revolution

I am a LOOB — Lover Of Other Beings. I am also an aspiring poet. Poetry and Love for the other beings are deeply etched into my soul.