The Survivor

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(Warning! Sensitive content ahead!)

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I am a dragon fruit
born in the desert
on a thorny cactus
life was harsh on me
unfair advantage
on my childhood innocence.

I never knew
why my fingers were sticky
in the mornings
after cold rainy nights
you borrowed them
for a tamarind sweet
guiding me to a warm hole
I kept quiet trusting you fully
I was afraid of thunderstorms

I never knew
why you invited me over
when nobody around
serving me delicious grapes
you exposed your bosoms
hugging me, stripping me naked
I kept my silence lost in thoughts
I was afraid of losing your love

I never knew
why you pulled me over to the fence
when darkness falling
you squeezed my nipples
and searched between my legs
confused I stood there
speechless and embarrassed
I was afraid of dark nights

I never knew
why you asked me to share the bed
summer holiday stays at your place
undulating movements on my back
the wet feeling between my thighs
wiping them off, you hushed me
closing eyes I pretended ignorance
I was afraid of sleeping alone

I never knew
why you stayed awake at the night
playing with milk spitting snake
smearing the milk on my sister’s lips
I pretended to sleep, eyes tightly shut
I was afraid of milk spitting snakes

I survived the storm
the scorching sun and heat
I was running away
from a t
horny society
I forgave you
forgave the fucking life
I am still alive
I am a dragon fruit
born in the desert

I am the survivor.

Based on a true story.
Dedicated to all the kids of the past, present, and future who suffer in silence.
Child sex abuse is existent everywhere and let us not pretend ignorance.
Let us not hush the victims and hide it under the carpet. It often happens with the most trusted adults as in the above poem — elder sister, mother’s friend, father’s friend, stepbrothers. Whether educating the kids or the adults, the onus is on society to bring light and healing.

The dragon fruit represents the survivor who survived the heat and sun, still remaining sweet and mellow.

Let there be light, love, and healing!

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