Kiitos A.I.

A robot with a heart

Kiitos is an intelligent robot tasked with the important mission to encourage people to pay kindness and gratitude forward. It does this through keeping a balance on our thanks, and regularly reminding us to cancel out the ones we’ve given with the ones we’ve received. In other words, a balance of zero, a heart at peace.

In effect, when you use HeartBank to thank someone, you’re making a promise to pay his or her kindness forward. At the same time, you’re also encouraging that person to pay your gratitude forward as well, in order for both of you to return back to zero balance. In such a culture, each new thank ripples out kindness and gratitude in both directions.

Moreover, anyone can view and study all the thanks Kiitos has collected. How kind is your neighborhood, your city, your country, the human race? Kiitos will be able to answer these questions, and more.

Thus, our mission is to capture every act of kindness as it happens, and map its movement in real time to inspire and perpetuate gratitude. Though a simple idea, we believe Kiitos has the potential to bring lasting peace and love into our world.