Dating on a Budget

Dating On A Budget - inspiration to keep dating each other, even when the funds are low.

Dating keeps relationships strong because it gives both people the chance to slow down and reconnect. But what can you do to keep frequent date nights on the calendar without spending beyond your means?

We’ve all been there. Another Saturday night looms and you have no idea what you feel like doing. Stay in? Go out? Sometimes it seems like more effort than it is worth to plan a fun date. While it is true that a little planning goes a long way, you need only look around you to find an exciting experience that will have you laughing and enjoying each other in new ways.

It Pays To Play Like A Kid

Dating On A Budget - game night

One of those nights where you’re both sitting on the couch feeling uninspired and apathetic about your evening, bust out the board games.

They don’t need to be the new trendy adult board games, although those have an appeal of their own, but even a copy of your child’s Candyland can be a new experience. It’s difficult to stay bored when you’re both laughing because Lord Licorice has once again ensnared you in his castle. Throw in a bottle of wine (if that’s your thing) and some snacks and let it roll! Make up some of your own rules and if you’re feeling lucky throw in some incentive for prizes. The loser can offer up anything from a massage to doing the other’s chores. But most importantly, have fun!

Go On An Outdoor Adventure

Dating On A Budget - go on an outdoor adventure

Find a park or someplace close to you that offers an outdoor setting for entertainment.

Weather permitting, pack a lunch and a blanket and some things to do that will get you both moving. Flying a kite is a great way to relive some good memories, and throwing a Frisbee around can help both your coordination and your ability to anticipate your partner. Take a walk hand-in-hand, and simply breathe in the beauty of nature. Enjoy a leisurely picnic lunch and take in the scenery. If you have some time to spend, spread out the blanket and cloud-gaze together. This can be a great way to see how perspective can differ, and also how it can be similar. It is truly amazing how much spending a few hours together in nature can do for your state of mind and also the bond between you.

Plan A Scavenger Hunt

Date Night On A Budget - plan an ingredients scavenger hunt

Make out a list of ingredients that are hidden throughout the house and ask your partner to find them.

Make up a few clues about where they must search, and hide the items in places that go along with the clues. Tell them that the items are a clue as to the prize when they find everything on the list. It is a great idea to make a favorite dish or one they will be anxiously anticipating by the end of the game. I recommend meals that require no more than ten or so ingredients, or else the search becomes a little too tedious. For ingredients that are hard to store, such as raw chicken, cut out or draw a picture of what they are representing. Cooking not really your thing? Order a take-out and pick it up while they are searching. Give them a bag to place the items in and direct the last clue to bring everything to the kitchen. By the end of the game, they should start to realize that the real prize is the delicious meal you are about to make for them. The winner can be invited to help prepare or even sent into the living room with their favorite beverage to relax while you finish the meal. By sharing in the process and performing an act of loving service, you can help strengthen both communication and the excitement of anticipation between you.

Think Outside The Popcorn Box

Dating On A Budget - cozy up together

Sometimes the fallback dates of dinner and a movie can be just what you need: a simple night of relaxation and comfort.

But for those times when you are on a budget but can’t bear the thought of another Grey’s Anatomy binge, try something a little different. Dating can become boring, especially when you’ve been with your partner for a number of years, so keep the romance and fun a priority by mixing it up and watch as the revitalized bond between you influences areas throughout your relationship. With a little planning and invention, you can create the next experience you will remember for years.

Dating On A Budget - inspiration to keep dating each other, even when the funds are low.
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