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Why We Invested: Fulfilld

Heartland recently invested in Fulfilld. Here’s why.

Warehouse management was never easy, and it’s only grown more difficult in an era of tight labor markets and insane delivery time expectations.

Average turnover at the warehouse worker level is 46%. This means training programs to help workers understand even basic navigation of the space are repeated over and over as employees leave. And that’s not even accounting for onboarding new employees on overly complex warehouse management systems that fail to provide clear real-time instructions to staff. Mehrdad Erfan, a veteran of major logistics operations and Co-Founder of KESI Management, a consultant to the food industry says “your front-line warehouse staff is ill-equipped to keep up with increased demand and the big WMS systems out there are not providing the real-time intelligent feedback that is needed to be successful.”

The big challenge — and opportunity — is for warehouse workers to understand where they need to be at any given moment to most efficiently move goods in and out the door. All in environments where requirements can shift on a minute-by-minute basis.

Fulfilld addresses this need head on. The solution redefines warehouse management with the only all-in-one software and hardware solution providing real-time insights.

Here’s what Fulfilld brings to the table:

Warehouses of all types can benefit from Fulfilld. The ideal customer profile is any company employing at least 20 warehouse workers per shift, including:

Fulfilld founders Yosh Eisbart and Michael Pytel are proven logistics experts who previously founded, bootstrapped, and sold NIMBL, an enterprise software services company with $50M in revenue. They’ve spent decades helping Fortune 1000 companies address the inadequacies of existing warehouse management systems and built Fulfilld to be the all-in-one solution.

Warehouse operators face increasing complications to meet customer demands. Yosh and Michael understand those complications and demands first-hand. Fulfilld is the overdue product to help our friends across the $285 billion global warehousing market.

We’re excited to be joined in this financing round by the former CEO of Amazon’s Worldwide Consumer business, Jeff Wilke — previously responsible for all Amazon distribution centers, Dundee Venture Capital, TenOneTen Ventures and Pi Labs.

For more information, please visit Fulfilld or contact Conor McGuinness directly at conor@heartlandvc.com.



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