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Ohio on the World Stage

As a Columbus transplant now proud to call Ohio my home, I recognize the value of shining a spotlight here. To truly capitalize on our growth and momentum, we have to tell our success stories, advertise our opportunities, and welcome visitors with open arms.

That’s why I was excited to help make this month’s big announcement: Forbes will hold its flagship Under 30 Summit presented by JobsOhio here in the state through 2025. Earlier in the month, I had the privilege of being recognized as a 30 Under 30 honoree in Detroit, and it was incredible to see young innovators gather from around the world to collaborate, network, learn, and exchange ideas. Unlike many other conferences, the Under 30 Summit features a wide range of entrepreneurs, revolutionaries, and trailblazers from all walks of life, ranging from tech and finance to art and politics.

And now, they’ll be coming to Ohio.

Honorees will see firsthand all the great things going on in Ohio — many of them for the first time. Ohio’s entrepreneurial spirit will be on full display on the world’s stage, and there is no better time than against the backdrop of a generational reshuffling.

Many entrepreneurs are starting businesses away from Silicon Valley, tech talent can now live and work anywhere, and companies feel as though they can build teams and operate in new home bases. People everywhere are opening their minds to the economic opportunities and quality of life available in the heartland, and this geographic shift eastward and southward will change how startups are formed. Ohio stands at the forefront of innovation, supporting a new generation of electric vehicles and semiconductors. Welcoming, collaborative, and home to a large pool of educated workers, Ohio has a rare opportunity to draw entrepreneurs and
innovators like never before.

The Under 30 Summit will keep Ohio in the national spotlight that’s brightened amid Intel’s massive investment, but it is more than just another feather in the cap of the burgeoning “Silicon Heartland.”

I am eager to witness the Under 30 classes gather in Ohio — Cleveland in 2023, Cincinnati in 2024, and Columbus in 2025 — to connect, build, and plan for the future. That’s hundreds of innovators who will spend time networking here in Ohio before returning to their hometowns or
headquarters to spread the word. Altogether, Forbes’ global Under 30 alumni network comprises more than 10,000 individuals worldwide, meaning many more will have eyes on Ohio from afar.

“We’re confident that Ohio’s entrepreneurial spirit will be felt on the
world’s main stage.”
-Randall Lane, Chief Content Officer of Forbes and Creator of the Under 30 Franchise

Connecting innovators with opportunity is what Heartland Ventures is all about. Because of our work connecting large Midwestern companies with technology being developed on the coasts, we often see things from a different perspective. We know that a big breakthrough can be as
simple as creating awareness or making an introduction. I’m proud to call Ohio and the heartland home, and I strive for Heartland Ventures to play a role in connecting people that might not otherwise meet. The Under 30 Summit is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

Ohio’s momentum is undeniable, and the best is yet to come.



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