Aegis Wing Turns 10 Years Old!

Today marks 10 years since Aegis Wing was released on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360. As some of you might know this was my first original game design prior to starting Heart Shaped Games, created as part of an internship with Microsoft Game Studios. I worked alongside fellow interns Matt Monson and Danny Dyer, and I have incredibly fond memories of the three of us working crammed into a single office, trying to make the most of the three months we had to pitch, prototype, and produce an XBLA game. It was a rare opportunity, especially within a large company like Microsoft, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we were able to accomplish.

Aegis Wing was one of the first free games ever released on the Xbox 360, and it was incredible to see it played by millions of people. More than any other game I’ve been a part of since, I’ve received countless stories from players who discovered the game and bonded with friends and family. We set out to make a co-op game that would bring people together, sometimes across continents, and it’s amazing how effective the game has proven to be at doing that.

We couldn’t have accomplished making the game on our own, and there are many people who deserve thanks for the hard work they put in to seeing the game to completion. To our mentors on the XBLA production team, to our original Artist Matt Lucas, and to the Carbonated Games team who polished and pushed the game through certification: thank you!

I hope you’ll celebrate Aegis Wing’s 10 year Anniversary by downloading it (either on Xbox 360 or through back-compatibility on Xbox One) and giving it a spin with your friends. If you have any questions about how the game was made, or just want to share an AW memory, you can connect with me here.