Brave Hand on Steam and Zen Mode Update Coming Soon!

Brave Hand is coming to Steam! We’re excited to give desktop players a chance to play our award-winning card game. The original inspiration for the game came from wanting to make a more strategic version of our favorite classic PC single player casual games like Solitaire and Minesweeper, so we’re happy to have the game available soon on Windows and Mac. The Steam version will include full screen support, steam leaderboards, achievements, stats, and a set of beautiful trading cards to collect. Please wishlist the game from our new “Coming Soon” page, it will be a big help when we launch later this month!

In addition, since we launched Brave Hand late last year on iOS and Android, we’ve received a lot of great feedback. We’ve collected it all, and I’m happy to announce we’ll be releasing our first major update to the game (The “Zen Mode Update”) very soon to address everyone’s biggest comments. In addition to bug fixes, the update features two major additions:

New “Zen” Mode! Some players found the main game a little too punishing, so we’ve created a new mode that is more forgiving and a lot of fun. In Zen Mode, you win ties when challenging piles, and you always earn a new card into your hand, win or lose. It also uses the Jumbo sized deck, so there are more chances for epic runs!

Boost Cards Now Trigger On The Board: A lot of players didn’t feel the Boost cards were valuable enough to want to include in their decks. We’ve now changed the rules so that Boost Cards trigger their effect when they are captured from the board, as well as when they are used from your hand! This makes the boosts more powerful, and also adds some new strategic choices for how and when to use them!

We hope that with this update, there will be a mode available for every type of play style. Let us know what you think on Twitter, and if you happen to be at Casual Connect this week, stop by our Indie Prize booth!