Hero Generations for Android

Now in Open Beta + Road Map Details!

Vintage Mode — 1 of 2 unlockable graphics mode coming in the October Update.

Hero Generations is now on Google Play in open beta! That means you can play the near-final Android version right now, but we still have some final testing and device compatibility to work through before we launch everywhere. As a thank you to those that play during the beta, we’ve made the game 20% off until we release! We feel great about the version that’s live, but if you see any issues on your device, please let us know!

Hero Generations: ReGen Update Road Map

I also wanted to give you a look into our plans for updates which will come free for all platforms (iOS, Steam, and Google Play). We’ve already released our first update which was focused on addressing minor bugs from launch, and improving the end game experience. Our plan for updates moving forward is to release more substantial game updates on a monthly schedule. With that in mind, here is a look at what our priorities are for the update coming at the beginning of October!

  • Faster Combat animation, and new features to make Combat less tedious.
  • Make the Oracle be a source of information and hints about secrets in the game.
  • Help new players discover and make use of the Town Crafting system (a key part of making progress).
  • Balance Changes and improvements for some existing items (ex: Gift of Longevity item will now impact the parenting board).
  • New content: Items & Quests.
  • Android Version features: Google Play Leaderboards, Achievements, and photo sharing.
  • Continued stability and minor bug fixing.
  • Reduced game package download size.
  • New unlockable graphics modes!

We really appreciate all of the feedback you’ve sent in about the game since our launches on Steam and iOS went live. Please keep that coming! It’s great to know how we can improve, and make Hero Generations: ReGen a fun as possible. If you like what you see, it’s always a big help to get reviews across all of the app stores.