Hero Generations: ReGen October Update

v1.03 is Live! New content, speed improvements, combat changes, bug fixes and more!

Green Goggle Raider 1 Trait

Our latest Hero Generations: ReGen update is now live on Steam and will be coming shortly to iOS and Android! This update includes a number of new additions to the game as well as changes that address common feedback we’ve received from players. Please let us know what you think!

  • Combat sequence has been sped up (faster entry, faster exit, faster resolution animations).
  • Heroes and enemy NPCs can achieve critical hits if their strength roll result is 50 or more above their opponent’s. Critical hits add 5 to damage. We spent some time looking for ways to make combat faster, more interesting, and less tedious later in the game. Critical hits reward you for building up your strength, and remove many repeat combat sequences later in the game when you have grown beyond most enemies in your world area.
  • Sai, a new weapon that has a 25% chance of adding a +5 lifespan damage critical hit in combat.
  • Raider, a new trait that enables hero to steal items from the enemy in combat.
Purple Skull Item — The Gift of Longevity
  • Gift of longevity now makes all cards in the mating flip game hold lifespan bonuses, if the item is held at the end of a generation.
  • Added two special graphics modes (PC/Mac/Linux only due to performance impact on mobile): Black & White and Vintage. Modes can be toggled in settings and are unlocked by finishing (dying) games.
  • Oracle now passes on wisdom about secrets in the game when it receives a letter.
  • Improved clarity of deliver letter quest by highlighting the drop off destination with a cut scene.
  • Clearing an Oasis has a different set of loot to drop, and is now more likely to give Keys.
  • Gift shops now periodically have trait books for sale.
  • Character items and traits now shown in save game slot.
  • Fixed French language bug that caused crash after 2nd generation.
  • Fixed crash bug with boss destroying barracks nodes.
  • Fixed out of sync music bug.
  • Fixed color animation text bug.
  • Added new tip message about crafting towns for new players.
  • Steam Achievement bugs should now be addressed.
  • Reduced the size of the game package and reduced loading times.
  • Minor improvements to translations across all supported languages based on feedback.
  • Some objects in the game with low res sidebar portraits have been improved.

We’ll be releasing our next update roadmap soon. Let us know what you think of the update, and anything you’d love to see added to the game next!